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Main structure of rotary automatic tablet press

July 25, 2022

Main structure of rotary automatic tablet press
The main structure
1. Turntable structure: The turntable is the main execution part of the machine's work. It consists of upper and lower bearing assemblies, spindle, turntable and other major components.


Auxiliary dies are evenly distributed on the circumference of the turntable, and the torque is transmitted between the turntable and the main shaft by a flat key. On the support of the main shaft, it is driven by a worm gear pair and connected by splines. When the main shaft is rotated, the turntable rotates.

2. Track mechanism: The track has a cylindrical cam and a plane cam composed of an upper track and a lower track, which is the trajectory of the movement of the lower and lower punches. The upper rail is composed of multiple rails, such as the upper and lower rails, the upper and lower rails, the upper and lower rails, the upper and lower parallel rails, and the lower rails.


They are respectively fastened to the upper rail disc. The lower track is composed of a lower punching upward track, a lower punching upward track and a filling track. They are respectively mounted on the lower rail seat.

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3. Filling adjustment device: The filling adjustment is used to adjust the weight of the tablet. The filling adjustment mechanism is inside the main body, and a moon-shaped filling rail can be observed on the plane of the main body. It rises or falls by the action of the spiral to control the filling amount. When the disc is adjusted, the filling amount decreases clockwise, and vice versa. increase.

4. Sheet thickness (tablet pressing) adjustment device: adjust the sheet thickness (pressure) by adjusting the lower pressing wheel up and down. The lower pressure wheel is installed in the groove of the main body, it is sleeved on the eccentric shaft, and the outer end is connected to the hand wheel.


When the external hand wheel is adjusted, the eccentric shaft drives the pressure wheel to rise and fall, which can also be used as an adjustment device, but in general down

5. Feeding device: This device is composed of feeding hopper, adjusting screw, feeder and so on. The feeder is a moon-shaped grid feeder, which is installed on the turntable. The gap between the feeder and the working face of the turntable and the height of the hopper are adjusted according to the fluidity of the particles.

6. Transmission device: The transmission part of the machine is composed of a motor, a synchronous pulley, a worm gear reducer, and a test drive handwheel. The motor is installed on the motor seat of the bottom plate. After the motor is started, the power is transmitted to the reduction worm gear pair through a pair of synchronous belts. The speed of the motor is adjusted by the AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. Open the two sides or the rear door, you can directly observe and contact these parts.

7. Shell part: The shell of the machine is fully enclosed and meets the requirements of GMP. The upper part is surrounded by four windows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The lower part is closed by a stainless steel door, which is normally locked and closed, and is only opened for maintenance and installation of the die.


A console is installed on the front of the machine. The tableting chamber and the transmission part of the machine are separated by a stainless steel enclosure, which ensures the cleaning of the tableting chamber and protects the transmission parts from powder pollution and corrosion.

The rotary automatic tablet press can press various granular, crystalline or powdery raw materials with good fluidity into round flake, spherical and cylindrical products for mass production.