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company news about Low temperature constant temperature water tank common 3 big "difficult miscellaneous disease", actually not difficult to solve!

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Company News
Low temperature constant temperature water tank common 3 big "difficult miscellaneous disease", actually not difficult to solve!
Latest company news about Low temperature constant temperature water tank common 3 big "difficult miscellaneous disease", actually not difficult to solve!

At present, it is widely used in the fields of bioengineering, medicine, health, life science, light industry food, physical property testing and chemical analysis.But a lot of users in the process of use, often encounter some "difficulties", the need to understand the reasons and solutions.
Part of the problem: slow cooling
The low temperature constant temperature tank is composed of compressor, condenser, evaporator, fan (inside and outside) circulating water pump, stainless steel liner, heating tube and intelligent temperature control meter.Some users say that the water cycle has been running normally for more than a year, but now the cooling seems to be slowing down, and the higher the temperature, the more obvious. What's going on?
To this, have technical personnel to express, actually the use of water cycle is very simple, but the regular maintenance work cannot be ignored, a lot of look like the fault is actually not regular maintenance caused by maintenance.
It is understood that since the electrical power of the water cycle itself and the heat taken away by the refrigerant from the load all need to be drained away from the radiator at the former ventilation hood, if the front ventilation hood is full of dust and willow cotton will hinder the distribution of these heat, the cooling effect will be greatly reduced.Generally speaking, under normal operating conditions, the cooling capacity decline is due to the ventilation cooling effect is too bad or the ambient temperature is too high.
Problem two: slow cooling
The noise problem.There may be users in the water cycle before the use of no noise, but later found that the noise is much larger than before, what is the reason?
The industry says the problem is related to routine maintenance of the water cycle.It is well known that there is usually a small amount of impurities in water, and even distilled water added to the tank cannot be completely guaranteed to have no impurities at all.
"For the water cycle, the general temperature is set at 20℃, especially suitable for the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.Over time, these microbes will block the filters in the waterways and cause backwater to block, and the pumps will make a lot of noise."Technicians say that sometimes it is precisely because these microorganisms adhere to the surface of the heat exchanger that the heat exchanger's heat transfer effect becomes worse and cooling capacity decreases.
Therefore, in the process of using the equipment, users also need to do daily maintenance work in strict accordance with the requirements in the manual, regular cleaning of the internal tank, long-term shutdown, keep the tank dry.
"Difficult miscellaneous disease" 3: water leakage
Some users said that there seems to be a leak in the water cycle, sometimes there are a few drops on the ground for a while, is the water where the leakage?
To this, technical personnel say, generally speaking in the normal course of use, the waterway will not have leakage.When the relative humidity in the air with higher ambient temperature is too large, the water pump, water pipe joint and external water pipe in the water cycle are easy to condense dew, after the accumulation of more will drop to the ground, do not worry about the water is leaking place.If the user still mind or not at ease, you can turn on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature or dehumidify to avoid the generation of dew.
In general, the regular maintenance of low temperature constant temperature water tank can not be ignored, the user must make a regular maintenance plan, in order to prevent more failures, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

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