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company news about Knowledge of fermentation tank cleaning and maintenance

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Company News
Knowledge of fermentation tank cleaning and maintenance
Latest company news about Knowledge of fermentation tank cleaning and maintenance

Fermentation is a process in which people make use of the life activities of microorganisms under aerobic or anaerobic conditions to prepare microbial bodies themselves, or direct metabolites or secondary metabolites.Usually said that the fermentation, mostly refers to the organism to some kind of decomposition process.


Fermenter is a closed container or biological reaction device used for culture of microorganisms or cells, which is a special equipment for material fermentation.Can be used for research, analysis or production.Widely used in biological engineering, fine chemical, food, dairy products, seasoning, brewing, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries materials fermentation.



Insiders said that the fermentation tank after continuous fermentation, fermentation products through the pipeline to the refined area, before the second fermentation needs to be cleaned, maintenance.The maintenance of fermentation tank includes the following contents:


Maintenance of agitator.Check and tighten the stop screw installed on each part of the agitator shaft after each opening.


Position adjustment of upper magnetic steel.The normal distance between the upper magnetic steel and the bottom of the tank is 1-1.5mm. If the distance is too small, the bottom surface of the upper magnetic steel will touch the tank body, which will cause the stirring shaft to be unable to rotate or the stirring shaft to jump with relatively large noise.If the distance is too large, the magnetic force between the upper and lower magnetic steel will decrease. When the fermentation liquid is thick, the agitator may stop and be accompanied by large noise.


Replacement of bearings.After one to two years of use, bearing noise increases significantly or stirring shaft swing significantly, the bearing should be replaced.Remove the end cover at the bottom of the bearing, remove the shaft head screw and bearing gland, remove the end cover at the bottom of the bearing, remove the spring at the bearing at the bottom of the bearing seat, remove the stirring shaft from the top down, remove the bearing and replace it, and install it again.


Replacement of filter element.Due to the large amount of dust in the air, after a certain period of time, the micro holes on the filter core will gradually become blocked, which on the one hand will cause serious shortage of air flow and increase of air pressure drop, and at the same time may cause contamination of bacteria, which needs to be replaced at this time.When idle, the filter element should be taken out from the air filter, and exhaust the condensed water in the filter side by side.


Solenoid valve maintenance.Solenoid valve is used for fermenter cooling, solenoid valve spool stuck, valve core sealing ring failure and damage to the solenoid coil can cause the solenoid valve failure.Fault judgment: under normal circumstances to ensure the operation of circulation pump and circulation pipeline, the reason why the temperature only drops but does not rise is that the solenoid valve leaks or the valve core is stuck. In addition, the reason may be that the electric heater is burnt out.


Press the water injection switch, the indicator light of the water injection switch is on, but the end face of the solenoid valve is not magnetic, no cooling water is discharged, and the coil is bad;The indicator of water injection switch is not on, the F1(Really) fuse in the control box is burnt out.Close the solenoid valve, the discharge port has the cooling water leakage, the valve core seal failure or the sundries stuck the valve core.


Maintenance of ball valve.Since the seals in the ball valve are made of two hemispherical tetrafluoroethylene, after a long time of use, there may be leakage between the seals and the valve core, loosen the sleeve joint nut at both ends of the valve, and then tighten the cylindrical joint at both ends of the valve (under normal circumstances, there should be certain resistance to rotate the valve handle).


Leakage of sleeve joint.Tighten the pressure cap on the street.


Air hose.To prevent the hose connected to both ends of the air flowmeter from accidentally bursting, it is recommended to replace the hose every two years.


In addition, after fermentation and sterilization treatment should be cleaned in time, the installation process should ensure that the air distributor reset, timely replacement of feed hole gasket, such as the bottom valve leakage should be replaced bottom valve gasket.

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