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Knowledge of boiling drying equipment and explosion protection

March 8, 2019




After the air is heated by the heat exchanger, the hot air is distributed to the main engine through the valve plate, and the wet material enters the dryer from the feeder. Through the action of wind pressure, the material reaches the boiling state in the dryer, and has extensive contact with the hot air to finish the material drying in a short time.



1. Anti-static measures of boiling drying equipment


1) the collecting bag is made of anti-static fiber material, which can timely eliminate the static electricity on the powder entering the bag, and avoid the peeling electricity generated when the powder aggregates fall off.


2) conductor materials are used as the connecting parts of air supply pipes and connecting parts, and the whole system is carefully connected to electricity, so that the static electricity on the powder can be conducted away in time.


3) other methods, such as increasing pipe diameter, reducing bending head, regularly cleaning ash and discharging, operators wearing anti-static clothing operation, etc., are also effective in inhibiting, reducing and eliminating static electricity in the process of powder boiling.


2. Measures to prevent dust explosion in boiling drying equipment


1) to remove the ignition source, explosion suppression system should be installed on the equipment and devices that may produce the ignition source, and explosion-proof film or pressure relief valve should be set in the dust removal or dust filtering equipment and pipes.


2) dust in pipes and collecting bags should be removed regularly, and dust accumulation should not be allowed.3) explosion-proof devices should be used for electrical equipment, such as explosion-proof motors and ground wires.


4) the plant shall be designed in accordance with the requirements of preventing dust explosion, according to the anti-explosion design, and shall have sufficient pressure relief area for explosion prevention.