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company news about It is urgent to open the "power-saving mode" to reduce the operating cost of beverage enterprises

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 I would like to thank you for all your efforts to choose the correct atomizer for our spray dryer,High speed drying. The surface area of Raw Material liquid increased a lot after atomization through nebulizer, 95%-98% of moisture will be evaporated in high temperature airflow in a flash, only needs seconds time.


I really don't know how to thank you, you are my angel, Thank you very much. Super Fine Pulverizing this one is faster than other same power machine and is easy to operate and repaired.

——  Hamid Doroudian 

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Company News
It is urgent to open the "power-saving mode" to reduce the operating cost of beverage enterprises
Latest company news about It is urgent to open the "power-saving mode" to reduce the operating cost of beverage enterprises

According to the qianzhan industry research institute, the market size of Chinese herbal medicine readymade slices was 216.53 billion yuan in 2017, and increased to about 270 billion yuan in 2018.In this context, the processing machinery related to Chinese medicine yinpian is also expected to usher in a good opportunity for development.
Among them, the stir-fry machine is an essential equipment for the processing of Chinese herbal medicine slices, with high efficiency, high quality, strong practicability, stable mechanical performance, safety, low noise, energy saving, simple structure, beautiful appearance, good insulation performance and other characteristics.At present, the stir-fry machine is widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine health products factory, beverage factory, hospital and food industry, used for a variety of different specifications and properties of Chinese medicine stir-fry processing, the article stir-fry color is fresh, uniform, is the ideal equipment for the stir-fry processing.
It is reported that with the continuous development of the Chinese medicine decoction pieces industry, the enterprises of the stir-fry machine are facing the development opportunities, but also because of the changes in customer requirements and continue to improve the equipment to meet the actual needs of users.
For example, there is speculation medicine factory house in order to simplify the medicine machine operating mode, developed a one-click button operation of automatic fire machine, using electromagnetic heating technology, intelligent temperature technology, microcomputer programming device according to the technological requirements of raw materials for making segments temperature control, humanized computer system according to the processing technological requirements of different varieties, drug processing technology, such as time, temperature, stirring speed and other technical requirements into a computer system, such as different time phase of the stirring speed, heating temperature, making time and stirring speed, etc.
"This stir-fry machine adopts electromagnetic heating technology, no need of supporting heat source, the equipment heats itself, the unique real-time temperature measurement function of the equipment can control the temperature of materials in real time, realizing the standardization and automation of the process of stir-fry.It can replace boilers, steam and other heating methods."The manufacturer said that the use of electromagnetic heating, the temperature of the stir-fry machine can be mild, can be rapid fire, suitable for a variety of medicinal materials.And beautiful appearance generous, easy to clean, simple operation, low energy consumption, suitable for Chinese medicine slices stir-fry, bran stir-fry, honey stir-fry, stir-fry yellow, stir-fry, stir-fry charcoal and other stir-fry process.
Energy consumption is also a problem that beverage enterprises pay close attention to. If the equipment consumes a lot of electricity and energy, it will not only not conform to the development trend of the industry, but also bring cost pressure to small and medium-sized enterprises.
At present, with the continuous upgrading of energy conservation and environmental protection concepts and the continuous introduction of relevant policies, in the development process of the stir-frying machine enterprises, a major challenge is how to further energy conservation and energy saving.
Industry insiders said, "from the development of the stir-fry machine to now, every manufacturer is in pursuit of products more energy saving, more energy saving, in fact, according to the current situation, even if you can reach 1% of the energy saving degree, is already a big challenge."
In this context, the stir-frying machine industry urgently needs to go ahead, continue to pursue energy efficiency, reduce operating costs for customers, and bring more economic benefits.
It is reported that a manufacturer for the user put forward energy saving demand, developed a new type of energy saving, simple structure of the stir-fry machine.This kind of stir-fry machine is composed of two parts: stir-fry and smoke and dust removal. It changes the traditional heating method of coal burning and USES combustible gas as fuel. At the same time, it adds smoke and dust removal device to reduce environmental pollution.The machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, adjustable temperature, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. It is widely used for drying various Chinese medicine slices and fruit processing.

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