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Introduction of automatic capsule filling machine

June 7, 2022


Fully automatic capsule filling machine The performance of our fully automatic capsule filling machine has reached the world level, and its features:


⒈The automatic capsule filling machine has small volume, low energy consumption, simple replacement of molds, easy operation and easy cleaning;


⒉The automatic capsule filling machine is standardized and serialized: the manufacturing parts can be interchanged universally, and the replacement of molds is convenient and accurate.


⒊The automatic capsule filling machine adopts a high-precision indexer, with low vibration, the working noise of extreme sports is lower than 70dB, the dose difference is controlled within ±3%, and the probability of domestic machine capsules is higher than 99.5%;


⒋The electrical components of the automatic capsule filling machine are made of Siemens from Germany, Omron from Japan, etc., and the control system is safe and reliable.


⒌The platform of the automatic capsule filling machine adopts 45≠ flat plate surface with hard chrome plating, which is not easy to deform, prevents rust and improves hardness; the parts that are in direct contact with the powder are made of 304 and 316 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of the GMP standard of the pharmaceutical factory.


⒍The automatic capsule filling machine can be equipped with a powder collector according to the user's needs, which can effectively and directly recover 85%--90% of the lost materials and improve the economic benefits of drug production enterprises.


⒎The fully automatic capsule filling machine has complete functions, buzzer alarm when the hopper is empty, and automatic shutdown when the capsule is not empty enough. The filling function of pellets, granules and tablets can be installed according to user requirements, which can meet the requirements of 3 kinds of materials, which can meet the requirements of slow-release, controlled-release and The need for tablet medicines in the same capsule.


⒏A sealing device is embedded in the bottom of the metering disc of the automatic capsule filling machine, which improves the powder leakage condition, reduces the wear and tear of the parts, and is more convenient for cleaning. Road recycling and reuse, while reducing the dust on the work surface.


latest company news about Introduction of automatic capsule filling machine


⒐The automatic capsule filling machine avoids cross-contamination and energy saving: redesign the discharging mechanism of the finished capsules, omit the air compressor, thereby reducing the overall size and noise of the whole machine, avoiding cross-contamination and movement failures caused by air-pressure discharging, And achieved significant energy saving effect;


⒑ The automatic capsule filling machine can easily adjust the gap of the dose disc. It only needs to adjust the angle of the gear mandrel, which can drive the transmission gear to raise or lower the 5 support bolts at the same time; in view of the different characteristics of Chinese and Western medicines, the operating pressure required for filling Larger, increase the size of the cam, and use nitrogen flower treatment on the surface of the cam to increase the surface hardness to ensure the service life and operational reliability of the equipment (the cam is the only enterprise in China that uses five-dimensional processing equipment imported from Germany for processing);


⒒ Manual adjustment is a knob-type fine-tuning mechanism, which is convenient for adjustment, disassembly and cleaning. The bottom of the metering plate is embedded with an imported sealing device, which improves the leakage of powder. The lower bracket is the first in China to adopt the passivation treatment of imported aviation aluminum, which does not generate static electricity and does not stick to powder, which is easy to clean;


⒓Improve the structure of the powder scraper: change the traditional flat-angle powder scraper, so that the filling amount at the beginning and end of each station of the metering plate is consistent with other holes, and the filling accuracy of the powder is improved;


⒔The intelligent module of man-machine interface configuration adopts German original Siemens software, with complete monitoring functions. It realizes automatic diagnosis and monitoring, automatic alarm and parking for operation failures such as lack of material, lack of capsule, material channel blockage and mechanical failure. Statistical preparation of production date, production time, real-time per-grain measurement and cumulative output is correct.