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company news about Intermittent operation, drum volume is small, medical tube centrifuge to break the bottleneck

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Company News
Intermittent operation, drum volume is small, medical tube centrifuge to break the bottleneck
Latest company news about Intermittent operation, drum volume is small, medical tube centrifuge to break the bottleneck

Centrifugal force is a strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge rotor to accelerate the settling speed of particles in the liquid and separate materials with different settling coefficient and buoyancy density in the sample.Among them, the tubular centrifuge is mainly used for separating various suspensions that are difficult to separate, especially suitable for separating solids and liquids with small concentration, large viscosity, fine solid particles and small solid-liquid weight difference.
Tubular centrifuge has good adaptability, high degree of automation, good working stability, workmanship, good corrosion resistance and complete safety protection device characteristics such as strong, beautiful modelling, now has become one of the indispensable equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, and is also used widely in medical category, including blood, virus discussion, DNA separation research, pharmaceutical purification, etc.
As drugs belong to special commodities and are related to human health and safety, relevant production equipment needs to meet the GMP standards and requirements.In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical enterprises have very strict requirements on production quality and production safety, so they also have high requirements on the production process equipment of API in the category of drug production such as centrifuge.
The industry pointed out that in addition to the centrifuge to adhere to its own separation characteristics, but also need to meet the relevant standards and requirements of the medical category."The medical tube centrifuge needs to consider the data, structure, material input and output mode, safety, labor intensity, control, cleaning, sterilization and other aspects from the perspective of meeting the requirements of drug production process.
In recent years, with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry and the increasingly strict supervision of the industry, the pharmaceutical tube centrifuge manufacturing enterprises are also facing more challenges and need to continuously break through the bottleneck.
For example, in terms of material adaptability, tubular centrifuges are required to be more adaptable.It is reported that some centrifuge enterprises improve the equipment according to the customer's requirements, so that the material adaptability of the equipment is enhanced, the user only needs to choose the appropriate filter medium, can be separated from the millimeter fine particles, can also be used as the dehydration of the articles, through the washing tube can be clean the articles.
In terms of structure, the requirements of the structure is more brief, easy to install, low cost, easy to operate, can adhere to the product grain shape.This also makes centrifuge enterprises need to work towards the direction of structural optimization.
In terms of equipment stability, one of the main defects of domestic pharmaceutical equipment is the low stability of the equipment.In this regard, the equipment of some manufacturers adopts elastic support structure to reduce the vibration caused by uneven load and make the equipment work smoothly.
In the operating environment, materials need to avoid contamination, so the sealing of equipment needs to be improved.According to the factory, the entire high-speed working structure is concentrated in a closed shell, which can be sealed to avoid contamination of materials.
In terms of material, biopharmaceuticals have high requirements on the material of the centrifuge, so it is necessary to consider the corrosion resistance and cleanliness of the material, which must conform to the GMP standard.It is understood that the general use of 304 material, users can according to the actual material characteristics, even 316 material.
In addition, some users pointed out that the main disadvantages of the current tube centrifuge are intermittent operation, small volume of drum, the need for frequent shutdown to remove sediment, so manufacturers need to strengthen the research to strengthen the separation performance of the tube centrifuge.
In general, the pharmaceutical industry, especially the biomedical industry, has a broad prospect, and the demand for tubular centrifuges will continue to expand and improve.Under the third background, only continuous innovation and breakthrough of tubular centrifuge can meet the new requirements of users.

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