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Instructions on the use of rotary tablet presses

August 31, 2022

Rotary tablet presses are very popular in all walks of life, and the styles are even more varied. Today, Shengde rotary tablet presses will come and take a look with you.


latest company news about Instructions on the use of rotary tablet presses

Tableting machine


The tablet pressing and forming of the rotary tablet press are completed by the opposite movement of the upper and lower punches. The axial movement of the upper and lower punches is controlled by the guide rails of the upper and lower punches.


The upper punching guide rail can be spliced ​​into a return-shaped guide rail plate by splicing multiple guide rails, which is unfolded to 180 degrees, indicating that the rotary tablet press has double tableting, and the other 180 degrees still have the same guide rail, and the turntable can produce two tablets a week.


The guide rail plate is fastened to the upper part of the non-rotating mandrel, and the reduced diameter of the tail of the upper punch contacts with the curved flange of the upper punch guide rail.


The cross-sectional shape of the flange of the upper punch guide will be consistent with the reduced diameter section of the upper punch. When the upper punch rotates with the working turntable, it will be controlled by the guide rail to produce axial movement.


The rotary tablet press has the characteristics of high output, which is ten to dozens of times higher than that of the single punch tablet press, and the quality is good and stable. The rotary tablet press adopts the upper and lower punching at the same time to pressurize, the pressure is gradually increased, the pressure is uniform, and the air in the granules can be discharged smoothly.


Rotary tablet presses reduce splintering. The pressure wheel is used for rolling pressure, and the punches are evenly and closely arranged to overcome the impact phenomenon, the machine runs smoothly, and the noise is low.


The feeder is fixed, the feeding time is longer, the air is easier to discharge, the stratification of light and heavy particles is less, and the tablet weight is more accurate.