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Innovation of New Capsule Filling Machine

May 5, 2022

The new capsule filling machine has the following features:
1. It is made of stainless steel and operators can have less contact with the capsules.

2. The capsules overturning speed can be controlled steplessly for convenient checking.

3. It can remove static electricity of capsules.

4. It can be operated conveniently and easily to save labor and improve working efficiency.

latest company news about Innovation of New Capsule Filling Machine

Based on the current shortages of similar capsule filler, we also innovated our machine from the following aspects

1. The new machine is totally enclosed and all parts contacting powder and capsules are made of SS304. And the molds are more easily installed, dismantled, cleaned and adjusted.

2. The cam is placed at the lower plane and the pressure atomizing oil pump can keep the cam grooves being lubricated completely to reduce wearing and prolong the part’s service life.

3. The metering plate is newly designed. Powder can flow uniformly and be metered accurately in the plate.

4. The new cam indexing mechanism is adopted for stable operation of the molds, turntable and machine, stable driving and accurate filling.

5. The vacuum capsule positioning mechanism increases the empty capsule testing rate to 99%.

What is the application for the capsule polishing machine?
But for good quality of capsules, only an automatic capsule filling machine is not sufficient. We also need a capsule polisher to polish the capsule surface. Our capsule polishing machine adopts brush to polish capsules.


It is also enclosed and parts contacting capsules are made of nontoxic and anti-corrosive material, which complies with the GMP requirements. It features simple structure, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, good polishing performance and high efficiency…


It is a special pharmaceutical equipment to remove powder attached on the capsules. After its processing, the capsule can be cleaner and brighter. In addition, the machine adopts DC speed controlling motor for stepless speed control.

We have horizontal capsule polisher and latest new type vertical capsule polisher, we will explain more in the future for the difference between the two types of capsule polishing machine.