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In the production process, the horizontal labeling machine plays an important role

September 2, 2022

As we all know, the packaging of bottled, boxed and other products must use the packaging equipment horizontal labeling machine. These labels can realize the tracking and management of product sales. Product information can be seen intuitively. The wide application of labels and the continuous development of label varieties.


However, our horizontal labeling machine market has not yet formed a certain standard, and the technology is incomplete.


In the past few years, with the development of new technologies and the introduction of foreign technologies, automatic horizontal labeling machines have gradually become the main equipment in the market, creating a good market prospect for the overall development of the horizontal labeling machine industry.

In the production process of labeling product packaging, horizontal labeling machines play an important role and are an integral part of modern packaging.


At present, the types of horizontal labeling machines in my country are gradually increasing, and the technical level has also been greatly improved. It has shifted from manual and semi-automatic labeling to automatic and high-speed labeling.

In the process of the horizontal labeling machine we use, the phenomenon of warping the label often occurs. Especially in the labeling of the horizontal labeling machine, the problem of warping the label is easy to occur. Nowadays, automated production lines are becoming more and more popular.


For most products that are filled, capped, sealed, etc. after labeling, the temperature may increase during the whole process, which will also cause the already pasted products. Labels appear warped

According to past experience, the main reasons for the warping of horizontal labeling machines are as follows:

1. The pressure of the label covering wheel is not enough, so that the label is not completely adhered to the surface of the product.

2. The label cannot adhere well to the product during labeling. In addition to temperature environmental effects, the main reason is that the stickiness on the label is weak.

3. The choice of label material is not suitable for product type labeling. Selection labels should be selected according to different types, materials, etc.


Softer products should use some types of labels that are relatively soft, and the materials can be PE, PVC, undrawn PP or PE, PP synthetic materials and so on. For harder products, the label material can be PET, PS, BOPP, etc.

4. The choice of adhesive used in label making is not appropriate. For some products with large surface curvature, adhesives with larger initial viscosity should be used when selecting adhesives for labels.


At the same time, the label paper should not be made of thicker or harder materials, and should be made of thinner materials, such as films, thin and soft paper materials, etc.

The good labeling effect not only gives people a sense of beauty, but also gives people a sense of guarantee of product quality. More attractive to consumers, to achieve beautiful labeling effect.


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