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company news about Improve the technology of automatic capsule filling machine to ensure the quality of capsule products

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Company News
Improve the technology of automatic capsule filling machine to ensure the quality of capsule products
Latest company news about Improve the technology of automatic capsule filling machine to ensure the quality of capsule products

According to preliminary statistics, the global pharmaceutical market in 2018 was 1.17 trillion us dollars, and the global pharmaceutical market is expected to exceed 1.2 trillion us dollars in 2019.As a major pharmaceutical producer, China's consumption level has been constantly upgrading in recent years. While the global pharmaceutical market scale is experiencing an increase, it will also gain a large space for development.This also will bring good development opportunity to relevant medical equipment.

Among them, the automatic capsule filling machine is a machine, electricity, gas as one of the equipment, suitable for filling a variety of domestic or imported capsules.It is an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule products in pharmaceutical industry and health care industry.

, fully automatic capsule filling machine adopts microcomputer PLC, touch panel operation, frequency control, equipped with electronic automatic counting device, the machine movement sensitive, filling dose accurately, novel structure, beautiful modelling, convenient operation, can automatically complete capsule in place, separating, filling, locking, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of production, conform to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and health.

At present, the fully automatic capsule filling machine in the field of medicine, health care products has been a good development, manufacturers are increasingly fierce competition.With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies have put forward higher requirements for filling equipment, such as higher conditions for filling stability, dose accuracy and product quality, in addition, it is also urgent for capsule filling machine manufacturers to solve such problems as inconvenient removal and washing of molds.

It is reported that the current domestic capsule filling mechanism manufacturers according to the needs of users, improve and upgrade the automatic capsule filling machine.This machine is a kind of automatic hard capsule filling equipment with intermittent operation and hole-disk filling.

According to the company, the machine is optimized according to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and GMP requirements. "it has the features of compact structure, small machine type, low noise, accurate filling dose, complete functions and stable operation, and can simultaneously complete burst-sowing, burst-splitting, filling, waste picking, locking, finished product discharging and module cleaning, etc."At present, the improved equipment is an ideal hard capsule filling equipment for pharmaceutical and health products manufacturers.

In view of the characteristics of the equipment, in order to solve the problem of complicated disassembly and washing die and difficult to adjust the precision of the assembly die, the factory adopts a fully enclosed technology for the working table of the full-automatic capsule filling machine, which makes disassembly and washing easier and precision adjustment easier.

In terms of dose adjustment, the dose adjustment mechanism adopts stent adjustment technology, which can fine-tune the dose without stopping the machine, so as to meet the requirements of dose adjustment.

In order to solve the service life of the equipment concerned by the users, the full-automatic capsule filling machine of the enterprise adopts the structure of the CAM with the lower groove in the working position, which has good lubrication performance and small wear degree, and extends the service life of the parts.

In order to improve the automatic control level of the equipment, the machine adopts microcomputer control technology, which is safe and advanced, to improve the automatic control level of the production process.

"In addition, imported computers, electrical components and bearings are used to make the performance of the control and transmission system stable and reliable.At the same time, based on years of manufacturing technology experience, the metering plate of each set of die hole at both ends of the blanking dead Angle to improve the accuracy of the dose.The company said that the improved technology of this series of automatic capsule filling machine plays an important role in ensuring product quality and improving the technical level.

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