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Important things about tablet press maintenance

August 31, 2022

The maintenance of the tablet press is a very important thing, so do you know some of the details? Take a look at the shengde tablet press today.


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Tableting machine


First of all, let's first understand that the tablet press is a small desktop electric continuous tableting machine, of course, it can also be hand-cranked. So how should the maintenance tasks of the tablet press be done?


The smoothness of the friction surfaces of the moving parts is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of the machine and extending its service life, especially if the secondary moving parts run dry in the absence of oil, they will be quickly damaged and cannot be used.


All oil cups, oil holes and friction surfaces must be lubricated with lubricating oil before, and run empty so that each friction surface is covered with oil film, then the front can be put into use. In the future, refuel on time for each shift, but do not refuel too much each time, so as not to overflow and affect cleaning and contaminate the tablets.

Before the tablet press works, it is necessary to check whether the screws are loose. During the work process, you should always pay attention to check. If it is loose, tighten it immediately to avoid malfunction. Before work and after each shift, you must test a few tablets by hand, and then turn on the electric tablet after no results.


During the tableting process, the tablet press must always check the quality of the die. If it is found that there is a missing edge, crack, or deformation that causes serious damage, it should be replaced in time to avoid malfunctions that damage the machine and affect the tablet quality.

After every day of use, the remaining powder should be taken out and all parts of the machine should be wiped clean. If the stoppage time is long, the die must be removed, and the friction surfaces of the tablet press must be removed.


Clean the working surface, apply rust-proof oil, and cover with dust-proof clothing; the die should be wiped clean and then immersed in oil for storage. Check the parts regularly, about 2 times a month.