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company news about Important Application Fluid Bed Dryer in various Industries.

China Hangzhou SED Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. certification
China Hangzhou SED Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. certification
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 I would like to thank you for all your efforts to choose the correct atomizer for our spray dryer,High speed drying. The surface area of Raw Material liquid increased a lot after atomization through nebulizer, 95%-98% of moisture will be evaporated in high temperature airflow in a flash, only needs seconds time.


I really don't know how to thank you, you are my angel, Thank you very much. Super Fine Pulverizing this one is faster than other same power machine and is easy to operate and repaired.

——  Hamid Doroudian 

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Company News
Important Application Fluid Bed Dryer in various Industries.
Latest company news about Important Application Fluid Bed Dryer in various Industries.

Before knowing the importance let us first understand, what is Fluid Bed Dryers? Most of the consumer has never heard of them but in the world of bulk processing, they have established themselves as dependable and multi-processor proficient of completing the crucial task. They are basically as the name suggests they are used for drying material such as granules, fertilizer, tablets, mixing of powder, agglomeration, drying of powders, etc. They are popular in the production industries like chemical, food, pharmaceutical, dairy, dyes, etc.

latest company news about Important Application Fluid Bed Dryer in various Industries.  0

Fluid Bed Equipment works on the principle of fluidization hence named a Fluidized bed dryer. They are often preferred over rotary dryers for drying and cooling of a wide range of material.

Fluid Bed dryers are arguably used in many industries but it has its greatest importance in the pharmaceutics industry. It has replaced the traditional drying techniques which were time-consuming and have helped to enhance the system. This has led the industry to enter in uniform drying era. It is used to reduce the moisture content of products and granules.

Fluidized Bed Dryer Parts

The machine involves three principal parts: Air Handling Unit (AHU), main stainless steel tower, and Exhaust system. The rectangular size container’s one end feds fresh air and the other links it to the dryer and in this process, the air is passed through some filters to remove impurities. The primary filter removes airborne particles. The secondary or post-filter deals with fine dust particles. Finally, through dehumidifiers and is heated on its way to the dryer.
Stainless Steel main tower

The base part of the main tower receives the air from Air Handling Unit (AHU) via stainless steel tube. The product container holds the saturated material usually granules and is transferred to the movable trolley. The product container consists of a mesh screen with perforated holes to resist airflow from the bottom chamber and hold the product. It also consists of an expansion chamber forming the middle part of tower and filter bags which blocks fines from being exhausted.
Exhaust piping

The machine consists of pipes emerging from the dryer and ultimately forms a vent connected to the blower. It also onboards actuators that closes and opens the vent, controlled by the control system.

Fluidization provides the best solution for drying many products.

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