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company news about If the capsule filling machine solves the problem

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 I would like to thank you for all your efforts to choose the correct atomizer for our spray dryer,High speed drying. The surface area of Raw Material liquid increased a lot after atomization through nebulizer, 95%-98% of moisture will be evaporated in high temperature airflow in a flash, only needs seconds time.


I really don't know how to thank you, you are my angel, Thank you very much. Super Fine Pulverizing this one is faster than other same power machine and is easy to operate and repaired.

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Company News
If the capsule filling machine solves the problem
Latest company news about If the capsule filling machine solves the problem

For a long time, capsule filling suits have mostly used manual capsule plates. The capsule shells filled with powder must be inserted into the holes one by one, and then the caps must be put on one by one after the powder is filled.


This method has high labor intensity and low efficiency. However, due to the low price of manual capsule plates, it is suitable for clinics, pharmacies, preparation rooms and families with small batch production. For medium and large batch production units, some use full-automatic capsule filling kits. Although the filling kits are fast, there are two shortcomings that are difficult to overcome: first, full-automatic machines have extremely strict requirements for capsule shell dimensions, which cannot be applied to ordinary molded capsule shells.


There are large differences in the outer diameter and length of ordinary molded capsule shells. When they are used in full-automatic machines, they are prone to empty holes, powder leakage, deformation, and even jamming; If the capsule shell is screened in advance, the utilization rate of the capsule shell will be greatly reduced, so that some units have to retain the original production mode even though they have bought a fully automatic machine at a high cost.


Therefore, many small and medium-sized units can only look at the opportunity to sigh, and do not dare to pay attention. The problem was successfully solved.

Capsule filling machine absorbs the advantages of automatic machine, and tries to reduce some complex mechanisms. For places with large cost but no obvious effect, it is changed to manual. The price of this machine is only 10-20 times that of the full-automatic one. More importantly, the ordinary molded capsule shells with fast filling speed and large size difference can also be used.


This machine integrates the powder filled capsule shell, capsule cap and capsule package, which is compact and convenient. This machine is not only suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health product factories, hospitals, clinics in small and medium-sized batch production, such as 2-3 sets of simultaneous use, but also suitable for mass production. This machine is a national *, which has been applied for and has no agent in other provinces. Please note.

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