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How to use the bottled water filling production line correctly?

November 2, 2020

Tell us about the operation process and characteristics of the bottled water production line:

latest company news about How to use the bottled water filling production line correctly?

First, the operation process of bottled water production equipment

1. Before production, the production personnel should check whether the equipment is running normally and whether the parameters are within the normal values.

2. Turn on the ozone generator. Open order:

(1) Before starting the machine, first confirm that the source water pump has been turned on, the two valves before and after the system have been turned on, and the switch in the power distribution box has been closed.

(2) Turn the booster pump knob on the distribution box to turn on the booster pump.

(3) Turn the mixing pump on the rotary distribution box to turn on the mixing pump.

(4) Turn the ozone system knob on the power distribution cabinet to turn on the ozone system. Then, first click on the oxygen button of the generator cabinet, then click the ozone button.

(5) Open the drain line valve of the bagged water filling equipment. (Quality inspection sampling line valve)

(6) After the ozone generator is turned on for 15 minutes, it can be used for bagged water production.

3. Turn on the printer and adjust the date to the date of manufacture. Printer opening steps:

(1) Close the power supply knife switch of the printer.

(2) Turn on the printer power button.

(3) Remove the printer cartridge and thinner cover and replace with the cover when the printer is working.

(4) Open the ink supply button and proceed to the next step after the ink supply is completed.

(5) Turn on the print button.

(6) Check if the parameters of the printer are within the normal range.

4. All posts are in place.

5. Open the inlet valve.

6. Turn on the power knob of the filling device.

7. Turn on the main unit and the liquid inlet button.

8. Rinse the bottled water filling head. (Each filling head should be rinsed, the flushing time is 3 minutes for each filling head)

9. Turn on the spray, transport, and cover buttons.

10. Rotate the production speed knob of the bottled water equipment, and the speed is the same as the speed of the upper bottle.

11. After the equipment is turned on, it is necessary to check the running condition of the equipment, and no abnormal situation can be used for formal production.

12. In the production process, it is necessary to check the quality of the finished product and confirm that the finished product meets the requirements of the quality control center before continuing production.

Second, the main features of bottled water production equipment

1. The equipment belongs to the three-in-one machine, with high degree of automation, simple operation and easy control;

2, the equipment is made of corrosion-resistant material, long service life and easy to clean;

3, the use of high-speed filling valve, no deviation, to meet the requirements of pure water production process;

4, advanced equipment technology, to ensure the quality of the cover, will not cause any damage to the bottle cap;

5, using advanced touch screen control;

6. The part in contact with the liquid is made of stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

A good bottled water filling production line must follow the correct method of use in order to ensure long-term operation of the equipment and to produce water quality that meets the standards.