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How to use and maintain the coating machine

May 19, 2021

Installation and use of coating machine:


1. Turn on the power. Note: The phase line and the neutral line cannot be connected wrongly.

2. Connect the air source to the tracheal joint on the lower side of the body through the Φ8PU tube.

3. Add coating liquid to the liquid cylinder.

4. Turn on the power switch and turn on the power at this time.

5. Adjust the speed of the host according to the instructions of the host governor.

6. Turn on the air inlet adjustment switch, and the air inlet fan starts to work.

7. Adjust the temperature controller to set the temperature to the temperature value you need. At this time, if the actual temperature is lower than the set value, the heater is turned on and the heater starts to heat. If the actual temperature is higher than the set value, the heater power is cut off and the heater stops heating.

8. Turn on the spray gun switch and the spray gun starts to work. For the use of the spray gun, please refer to the spray gun manual.

9. After the above functions are adjusted properly, the air compressor can be turned on, and the air pressure is about 4~6kg/cm3.

Maintenance and maintenance of coating machine:

1. The lubricating oil in the reduction box and the lubricating grease in the rolling bearing cavity should be replaced regularly (generally no more than six months)

2. If the coating pan is not used for a long time, it should be scrubbed clean and oiled on its surface.

3. After the spray gun is used in each shift, use clean water to pressurize and flush it to prevent the mouth from being blocked. If the mouth is blocked, please disassemble the nozzle according to the spray gun instructions and use a fine needle to remove the muzzle residue.

4. In order to ensure that the worm gear in the reduction box meets the lubrication conditions of the transmission, the temperature rise of the box body during operation must not exceed 50°C.

5. The oil-proof seal ring at the end of the worm shaft should be regularly checked and replaced (no more than six months).

6. The machine must be grounded reliably, and its grounding resistance should be ≤4Ω.

7. Do not dismantle electrical appliances at will.