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How to use a freeze dryer to save energy

September 7, 2022

Any equipment is pursuing energy saving when using it, so how can we save energy when using a freeze dryer?

1. Controlled freezing point vacuum drying method

The controlled freezing point vacuum drying method utilizes the respective advantages of freeze drying and vacuum drying, and strictly controls the food temperature to be close to the freezing point, but cannot freeze, which not only saves refrigeration energy consumption, but also avoids the problem of thermal denaturation of food. Destruction of biological cells during phase transitions;

2. Change the structure of the material tray

The material tray can be improved from the thermal conductivity of the tray material and the contact heat transfer surface between the material tray and the material. Selecting materials with good thermal conductivity can effectively strengthen the freeze-drying process;

3. Control the pre-freezing speed and the loading capacity of the tray


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