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How to solve the sticking phenomenon of tablet press

August 26, 2022

Sticking and punching refers to the fact that the fine powder on the surface of the tablet is adhered by the punch and the die when the tablet press is in operation, so that the one-sided surface is not smooth, uneven and dented, and the lettering punch is more prone to sticking and punching. So what is the reason for this phenomenon of the tablet press? In order to better use the tablet press to achieve better results, how to deal with this situation?


1. The surface of the punch of the tablet press is damaged or the surface finish is reduced, there may also be anti-rust oil or lubricating oil, the surface of the new die is rough or the lettering is too deep and angular.


The punch can be wiped clean, the substandard punch can be exchanged, or the surface of the lettering punch can be rubbed with a small amount of liquid paraffin to lubricate the surface. In addition, if the tablet press is heated and causes sticking, check the cause and repair the equipment.

2. The design of engraved and punched characters is unreasonable. Replace the punch or change the character design accordingly.

3. Excessive water content of the particles or uneven drying and wetness of the particles causes sticking. Solution: Control the moisture content of the particles at about 2% to 3%, and strengthen the dry particle inspection.

4. Insufficient amount of lubricant or improper selection, too much fine powder. The amount of lubricant should be appropriately increased or new lubricant should be replaced to remove excessive fine powder.

5. The large difference in the fineness of raw and auxiliary materials causes uneven mixing or improper mixing time. Solution: crush and sieve the raw and auxiliary materials to make the fineness meet the quality requirements of the variety, and at the same time master and control the mixing time.

6. The adhesive concentration is low or the adhesive force is poor due to the quality of the adhesive, and the fine powder is too much (more than 10%) and sticks. Solution: sieve out the fine powder with a 40-mesh sieve, re-granulate, dry, granulate, and mix the whole batch evenly before compressing it.

7. Due to the reasons of the raw material itself (such as the ability to attract moisture), the sticking is caused. Solution: Add a quantitative absorbent (such as adding 3% calcium hydrogen phosphate) to avoid sticking.

8. The ambient humidity is too high, and the humidity is too high to reduce the ambient humidity.

9. If the temperature of the operating room is too high, it is easy to cause sticking. Care should be taken to reduce the operating room temperature.


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