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How to solve the problem of liquid filling machine common faults?

March 11, 2022

Today the authors take you to know about some methods of solving the problem of liquid filling machine common faults and the filling machine problems and solutions. Liquid filling machine for its precise, efficient, safe and convenient advantage is quite popular with us, but the long-term use, it is a good machine occasionally appear some fault problems, faced with the problem that how to deal with? Together with the author to know!


Common liquid filling machine troubleshooting and the solutions:

1. Problem: if we filling in large size, feed chute is insufficient, lead to unstable liquid level. Filling is not allowed. The solution: can increase mending shoes or to close small ball valve, reset the filling time ( Lengthen the period of filling material) Slow filling speed to solve.


2. Problem: if, after adjust the digital dial code or unit time doesn't change.

Solution: when close to plug in the power supply.


3. Problem: if there are any feed chute enough, liquid level is stable, filling quantity inaccurate deficiency problems.

The solution: may be debris jam filling channel. Check entry or manger in mouth filling material, the cleaning to clean can.


4. Problem: if close stop filling liquid drip after problems.

Solution: 1) , filling nozzle orifice may be damaged, reveal a mouth filling material finishing orifice, the diameter of the orifice is not greater than 7. 5mm。 Fixed aperture on the water sand paper after grinding flat spot face gently. 2) , filling head the ball valve damage, need to replace the ball valve.


5. Problem: if the touch switch after not fill material, time relay digital indicator LED flashing.

Solution: it is possible that note material switch damage or loose time relay base, replace the same note material switch or press tight time relay base.


6. Problem: if the touch switch after not fill material, but the time relay digital LED lights flashing.

Solution: 1) , check the presence of air pressure or air pressure is too low, if do not conform to the requirements of the pressure, we should timely adjust, it is seen. 2) , if the air pressure required, may be electromagnetic valve coil damage or pneumatic valve core was stolen card dead, can pull the power supply, open the plate, with a twisted or press the corresponding button beside a solenoid coil, such as valve can reverse action, it indicates that the damage of solenoid coil, if not the reversing, is the valve core is jammed, can replace solenoid coil or decomposed valve repair.


The above is the author of finishing some issues about the liquid filling machine common faults and associated method is introduced, as the saying goes, good health, also our machines also need regular maintenance, inspection, before the problem as soon as possible to deal with, thank you for your watch oh, if you have what problem can leave a message to the author!