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How to Save Energy for Spraying Drying Machine

May 23, 2022

In the pharmaceutical industry, spray drying is an important industrial operation. The vacuum spray dryer can continuously feed and discharge materials. Flexible operation and good drying effect. The machine is suitable for drying and granulation of liquids, extracts and powders. At present, the vacuum spray dryer is widely used, and it is foreseeable that its application range will become more and more extensive in the future.


latest company news about How to Save Energy for Spraying Drying Machine


With the advancement of energy-saving proposals, how to save energy and protect the environment has become a question that spray dryer manufacturers need to answer. Some have summed up a series of effective measures on the basis of sufficient research. Let's find out together.


First, increase the temperature of the input hot air. Under the condition that the output hot air temperature is constant, the higher the input hot air temperature is, the more hot air is exchanged with the shotcrete, and the more moisture is evaporated per unit of hot air.


If the production capacity remains the same, the less hot air is required, the less heat is lost. Therefore, the heat consumption of the vacuum spray dryer can be reduced.

Second, the temperature of the output hot air can be appropriately reduced. When the input hot air temperature is constant, reducing the output hot air temperature can reduce the heat taken by the output air. Therefore, the heat of the hot air can be fully utilized to dry the material.


Next, expand the temperature difference between the incoming and outgoing hot air. The temperature difference can be enlarged by increasing the input hot air temperature or decreasing the output hot air temperature. In this way, the heat of the hot air can be fully utilized to evaporate the moisture in the material, thereby improving the efficiency and saving energy.

Fourth, the smaller the moisture content of the material, the higher the machine efficiency.


In fact, sticky or atomizable materials can be dried in less time. . Adding some appropriate water reducing agent can reduce moisture and speed up drying.


Last but not least, heat exchangers are useful devices for recovering waste heat to save energy. For example, a heat exchanger can be used when a vacuum spray dryer is operating. As a result, the atomization efficiency of the dryer can be improved while reducing energy consumption.


However, in addition to the progressive requirements for energy saving, the sticking of extracts on the machine wall in laboratory spray drying is also an annoyance for some users, especially Chinese herbal medicine extracts.


Experts say Chinese herbal extracts contain high amounts of carbohydrates that can be melted at high temperatures. Therefore, when the extract is spray dried in a common laboratory spray dryer, the melting of the carbohydrates causes the extract to stick to the walls of the drying chamber.


Researchers are often plagued by this question. Sometimes, they add some excipients like starch or cyclodextrin to get a powder of good viscosity. However, the results were not so ideal.


Now, in response to this phenomenon, some dryer manufacturers have innovated their machines and technologies. Proper intake air temperature can help users solve this problem during spray drying. Users can produce powders or granules with decent viscosity without sticking to the machine walls.


The machine manufacturer also equips the dryer with an automatic cleaning function. Automatic machine cleaning can be started after user operation, saving experimental time. In addition, the innovative scraping device can improve the recovery rate very well. Cost saving and sustainable development.


Application of  Spraying Drying Machine

latest company news about How to Save Energy for Spraying Drying Machine