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company news about How to properly operate and regulate the operation of ultrapure water equipment?

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Company News
How to properly operate and regulate the operation of ultrapure water equipment?
Latest company news about How to properly operate and regulate the operation of ultrapure water equipment?

When using ultrapure water equipment, there are certain rules that users need to follow.First of all, do not immediately enter the working state when using the equipment, need to warm up first, wait for ten minutes, then operate.
Secondly, when the equipment runs for a period of time, the equipment will get hot, which is normal. However, when the equipment runs for a period of time, the equipment should be temporarily rested.
Thirdly, the working time of ultra-pure water equipment should be maintained at 8 hours per day, 10 hours is ok, but the running time should be 8 hours per day.
Then, after a period of use, the user should clean the equipment to restore the original performance of the contaminated equipment.In the recovery of equipment performance, but also as far as possible to ensure the safety of cleaning, do not harm the ultra-pure water equipment.
Finally, some manufacturers gave the solution steps for the long-term shutdown of the equipment and the user's departure: first, the pretreatment equipment was emptied to avoid dead water;Second, the reverse osmosis membrane should be soaked by the membrane manufacturer's instruction formula (equipment with online cleaning system can inject the protective solution into the reverse osmosis membrane online; pure water equipment without this function needs to remove the reverse osmosis membrane and soak it in the appropriate container).Thirdly, ventilation should be maintained between equipment.Fourth, regular maintenance of the pump, disc impeller, to prevent the bearing rust after the operation of the overcurrent.
For the daily operation of ultrapure water equipment, experts also give advice.The mechanical filter of ultrapure water equipment should be backwashed regularly. During backwashing, compressed air and gas friction should be carried out. After backwashing, it should be left standing for about 10 minutes before being washed.
Do not bring air into reverse osmosis. Try to extend the running time of the mechanical filter as much as possible without affecting sdi value. In this way, the impact of filter switching on the effluent water quality can be reduced and a lot of backwash water can be saved.
In addition, regular inspection and timely replacement of precision filters to prevent the filter element due to installation or quality problems caused by leakage of the reverse osmosis membrane particle pollution.When the inlet pressure difference of precision filter is greater than 0.15mpa, the filter element should be replaced.
"Under normal circumstances, it is once a month to check, 2 to 3 months to replace the filter element.During operation, the precise filter should also be checked frequently for gas so that no air can enter the reverse osmosis membrane.For backup or long-term out of operation of the precision filter, to take a formaldehyde protection method to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.Experts say.
The user also carries on the test analysis to the water quality regularly, adjusts the dosage of flocculant, fungicide, reductant and scale inhibitor in time according to the actual situation.
Prevent flocculant from penetrating filter and scale inhibitor to affect scale inhibition effect or contaminate reverse osmosis membrane.Prevent the reverse osmosis membrane contaminated by bacteria due to insufficient amount of fungicide or oxidized due to excessive amount of fungicide;Prevent film chemical pollution due to insufficient scale inhibitor.
What needs to be reminded is that the deactivated ultrapure water equipment should be washed at low pressure regularly, especially in summer, and it should be washed every shift.For example, if the outage time is longer than 7 days, 0.5%~1% sodium bisulfite or 0.5%~1% formaldehyde solution should be used to maintain the reverse osmosis membrane, and the ph value and concentration of the protection solution should be timely tested.
In addition, timely cleaning of the reverse osmosis membrane should be carried out when the water yield of the standardized reverse osmosis unit is reduced by 10%, or the salt content of the water produced under certain conditions is significantly increased, or the pressure difference is increased by 15% compared with the initial operation state.

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