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company news about How to prolong the life of scroll compressor?Learn about 7 common faults first!

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Company News
How to prolong the life of scroll compressor?Learn about 7 common faults first!
Latest company news about How to prolong the life of scroll compressor?Learn about 7 common faults first!

Scroll compressor is a kind of volumetric compression of the compressor, it is mainly used for air conditioning, refrigeration, vacuum pump, etc, has small volume, light weight, low noise, high reliability, the advantages of good security, long life, can replace the traditional within a wide range of medium and small reciprocating compressor, now it can be seen in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

It is understood that the life of scroll compressor is generally more than 20 years, but the premise is that users need to do regular maintenance and maintenance work.In addition, when some minor faults occur, users need to timely judge the cause, do the corresponding treatment, to prevent further damage to the equipment.So, what are the common faults and causes of scroll compressor?A manufacturer's technical personnel made a simple answer to this.
Failure phenomenon 1: the surface of the mechanism is light copper plating, heavy rust, disk clearance and rolling piston and cylinder head rust, lead to a reduction in clearance, increased friction.

It is reported that this situation is excessive water, the main reason is due to the refrigeration system vacuum degree is not enough or the refrigerant water content exceeds the standard, the need to supplement the refrigeration system vacuum degree or control the refrigerant water content.
Failure phenomenon two: the surface of the vortex disk irregular signs of wear.
Technical personnel analysis pointed out that the system produced in the installation process of oxidation skin or system pipe dust and dirt more, when the system is not enough to return oil or lack of lubrication is prone to wear.

Fault three: air conditioning noise, power-on power-on trip, mechanism parts surface dry, abnormal wear (lack of oil);Suitable amount of oil on the surface of the mechanism but abnormal wear.
The reason for this situation is generally due to insufficient oil return system or compressor high temperature resulting in low oil viscosity or too much refrigerant volume resulting in low oil viscosity.

Fault phenomenon four: the air conditioning on power startup trip, abnormal measurement resistance, short circuit to the ground.The coil is burnt out by short circuit, or by the melting of the white grating, or by overheating.

The reason for this phenomenon is that the system impurities exceed the limit of the coil scratch short circuit (mostly on the surface), or coil manufacturing process paint damage led to short circuit (mostly on the surface), or the use of excessive load lead to rapid aging of the coil burn.
Fault 5: loud noise.Technicians said that if the compressor operation will have bad noise, the general factory can be detected, the noise outside the factory may occur after the replacement of the compressor, the cause of the noise is generally caused by welding flow welding noise, such as the motor cleaning chamber noise, vortex disk noise.

In this regard, the technical personnel suggest that during the installation of the equipment, if the impurities are not strictly controlled and run for a period of time after the lack of lubrication may cause the compressor to produce abnormal sound, the user needs to confirm the suction, return oil filter, as well as the oil quality, oil quantity to confirm and improve.

Fault phenomenon six: exhaust temperature is too high.Many users reported that the compressor in the boot operation of a very short time, the exhaust temperature is too high, after dismantling the compressor found that the surface of the scroll disk temperature slightly overburned.
Why is this happening?Technical personnel said, is generally due to the external machine ventilation, coolant leakage or insufficient, four-way valve series gas, system filters or electronic expansion valve block.

Fault phenomenon seven: the compressor can run, but can not establish the pressure difference, with abnormal sound or run for a period of time after blocking, and the cross slip ring fracture, there are a lot of silver metal chips and copper chips.
Technicians point out that the reason for the fracture of the cross slip ring is generally due to the imbalance of starting pressure, which is mainly caused by the immediate operation of the refrigerant after filling.

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