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How to Polish Capsules and Tablets

May 23, 2022

Capsules and tablets always require polishing during production. The equipment that polishes them is the medicine polishing machine, whose main function is to remove powder or dust from the surface of capsules and tablets, improve the surface finish, and remove blank or broken capsules.

latest company news about How to Polish Capsules and Tablets

It is understood that the medicinal polishing machine has the characteristics of novel structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, simple operation, flexible movement, convenient cleaning and high polishing efficiency. Can greatly improve product quality, production efficiency and economic and social benefits.


In recent years, the medical industry and the general health industry have developed rapidly, and people's spending power has become stronger and stronger. On this basis, people's demand for medical and health products has gradually expanded, providing more development opportunities for polishing machine manufacturing. However, many similar products compete at low prices, which is a challenge for polishing machine companies to upgrade. How to break the game in the high repetition rate and low price competition? How to improve machine competitiveness? These two are questions of domestic polishing machine manufacturers.

Regarding the stability of the polishing machine, the manufacturer said: the energy stability of the equipment must be related to the processing performance. The machine must be more stable to obtain the expected good machining performance.
It is known that the energy stability of a polisher should usually be 2%, and sometimes 1% in some cases, for ideal performance. In addition, only the high reliability of the polishing machine enables it to operate continuously in harsh industrial environments, bringing stable production to the enterprise.

In addition, since the speed and performance of a polishing machine is related to its power, some experts believe that the output power of the machine should be properly designed and optimized to make the machine operate more efficiently. Generally speaking, the higher the output power, the better the polishing effect.

For functionality, polishers should be well maintained to diagnose errors and self-lock. Short machine downtime helps users reduce waste. However, compared with imported polishing machines, domestic polishing machines have more maintenance problems and waste in the production process. Therefore, reducing the error frequency is another goal of the progress of domestic polishing machines.

In addition, from the perspective of energy saving, future polishing machines must be environmentally friendly to achieve green and high-frequency production in the enterprise. Currently, some manufacturers have improved their original polishers. Compared with ordinary polishing machines, the advanced ones can save half the electricity. And the negative pressure rejection device of the machine will not pollute the environment and meet the new requirements of users.

In the design and manufacture of polishing machines, manufacturers should also consider some parts involved in machine polishing and processing, and pay attention to the comprehensive application of polishing and normal processes to give full play to their advantages. Technicians should give full play to the spirit of craftsmanship and perform precise welding.


Application of Polish Capsules machine

latest company news about How to Polish Capsules and Tablets