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How to make freeze-dried chicken breast?

February 3, 2021

How is freeze-dried chicken breast made? It is vacuum freeze-dried through pet food freeze dryer equipment at low temperature. The main steps are as follows:


1. Prepare fresh chicken breasts and clean them;


2. Cut the processed chicken breast into 2cm pieces;

latest company news about How to make freeze-dried chicken breast?

3. Clean the special food grade tray for the food freeze dryer, and place the cut chicken pieces flat in the tray;


4. Put the tray into the freeze-drying bin of the food freeze-drying machine, close the door, open the equipment, and set up the special freeze-drying process for meat;


5. Wait for the freeze-drying process to end, take it out, and you can get freeze-dried chicken;


6. Store it in a well-sealed jar, or vacuum it.