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How To Maintain The Vacuum Packaging Machine

January 20, 2021

With the rapid economic development, the domestic vacuum packaging machine market is becoming wider and wider, and is developing towards diversification. At present, vacuum packaging machines continue to introduce new technologies, join the production line, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher. Favorite of old customers! The arrival of the vacuum packaging machine has brought a great impact to the development of the domestic economy. The vacuum packaging machine uses a large number of inflatable packaging to replace the previous vacuum packaging, combining the three aspects of the inflatable packaging machine, packaging materials and inflatable body composition. And in terms of control technology, more use of microelectronics and computer technology.

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No matter what equipment it is, it needs to be maintained and maintained during use, so as to extend its life. Vacuum packaging machine is no exception. Today, New Shengde Import and Export Co., Ltd. will share some common knowledge about vacuum packaging machine maintenance.


1. For the vacuum pump oil, it must be kept clear and bright each time it is used, and there should be no turbidity or foaming. When the oil is static and precipitated, there will be no milky white matter. If there is, it means that foreign matter has entered and needs to be replaced. oil!

2. Check the oil level and oil color once a week. If the oil level is below the ^ small mark, please add oil. If the oil level exceeds the ^ large mark, drain some of the oil, or the vacuum pump oil is diluted due to excessive condensate , This requires all the vacuum pump oil to be replaced, please replace the gas ballast valve if necessary!

3. The exhaust filter needs to be replaced once a year and can be cleaned with compressed air; the dirt or dust in the vacuum pump needs to be cleaned once every six months, and the fan wheel, cooling fins, ventilation grille and fan engine cover are cleaned. Compression is recommended Air cleaning!


4. The vacuum pump oil should also be replaced in time, and the exhaust filter and intake filter should be checked once a month!