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how to maintain the capsule filling machine

May 5, 2022

Capsule filling machine is a very common but important equipment in the solid dosage production. As the filled production is powder or granule, so how to maintain the capsule filling machine? The maintenance of capsule filling machine steps are as following:

latest company news about how to maintain the capsule filling machine

1. Clean the machine parts contacting material regularly after long-time normal production. And clean it when drug batch is changed or the machine stops production for a long time.

2. Lubricate the driving mechanism which is set under the operation table with oil or grease to reduce driving parts’ wearing.

3. Check the main driving reducer monthly, supplement the oil timely and change lubricating oil every half year. Change lubricating oil, normally 90# engine oil, of the indexing box of the turning plate every 3000 working hours.

4. Safety clutch can protect the machine from being overloaded. If the machine is normally loaded, the clutch should not skid, although it skids after long-time use. When the clutch skids during normal production, tighten the screws.

5. The vacuum separator mainly functions to feed capsules into the mold and separate capsule cap and body. The inseparable capsules can’t be filled in the following process. As the main machine axis rotate for a circle, the turning table rotates by a station and the vacuum separator moves up and down once.


If the capsule cannot be separated easily, check the gap between the upper plane of vacuum separator and the lower plane of the lower mold. Large gap will lead to substandard vacuum degree (normally about 0.05MPa) while small gap will cause impart on the mold and make it out-of-shape.


To adjust the separator’s position, rotate the main motor shaft with hand wheel to lift the separator to the highest, unscrew the lock nuts at the both ends of the adjusting rod (one is left threaded and the other right threaded), rotate the adjusting rod to control the height of the vacuum separator, fasten the nuts and rotate the main motor shaft with the hand wheel until the setting is proper. The vacuum degree is shown on the operation panel.


Open the vacuum degree control valve for higher degree and tuning down or close it for lower degree. Clean the muck inside the filter of vacuum system regularly to guarantee sufficient vacuum degree.

6. Check the driving chain once a week, feed proper amount of lubricating grease and tighten the chain when necessary. The chain can be tightened by moving the tension. But do not open the chain or remove it from the sprocket to keep all structures or mechanisms in order.


Application Of  capsule filling machine

Medicine, medicine, chemical industry (powder, pill, granule, pill), also can be used to fill vitamins, food, veterinary drugs, etc.

latest company news about how to maintain the capsule filling machine