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company news about How to extend the service life of automatic labeling machine for a long time?

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Company News
How to extend the service life of automatic labeling machine for a long time?
Latest company news about How to extend the service life of automatic labeling machine for a long time?

With the development of automation technology, automatic labeling machine can achieve continuous labeling, high degree of automation, is a modern integration of mechanical and electrical products, with excellent and reliable performance, including cleanliness, no mold, after labeling beautiful, firm, will not fall off, high production efficiency.
In the process of running the automatic labeling machine, users want the equipment to be of good quality, stable operation and long service life.The industry said, in addition to the need to choose the formal high quality equipment, if the user usually common fault for the correct treatment, and regular maintenance, the use of automatic labeling machine will naturally be extended for a long time.Then, in the use of automatic labeling machine, what are the common failures?How do you do it right?
First, try to avoid or eliminate the impact of automatic labeling machine on static labeling.The industry said that the automatic labeling machine in the labeling process is easy to produce static electricity, and static electricity on the labeling effect more or less will have an impact.
For electrostatic problems, the industry believes that the appropriate increase in the humidity of the labeling site will improve, for example, the use of ion fan can effectively solve the electrostatic problem.In addition, the internal labeling machine generally has automatic control of humidity, can control the internal cleanliness of the equipment, so that the label away from dust, improve the quality of product labeling.This also can prevent in the process of labeling the phenomenon of warping, to ensure the beauty of labeling.
Second, increase the viscosity of automatic labeling machine label, try to make the label paste firm.To achieve this effect, the industry says, you need to consider improving the surface quality of the hoses being attached.
"In fact, most products have a lot of glossy oil on the surface, which will increase the difficulty of labeling, easy to make the contents leak out, tube wall micro-holes and so on, which will cause the label to become warped, so users should consider how to avoid or reduce the occurrence of such problems."It is suggested that label pressure can be controlled during the labeling process of automatic labeling machine.Or control the temperature during the labeling process.
Among them, increasing the labeling temperature is not only conducive to improving the labeling effect of the price of the automatic labeling machine, but also increases the activity of the material inside the object with the increase of the temperature, which can make the label and tube body better integrated.
Thirdly, there is a gap between the scraping board and cots of the automatic labeling machine.If this happens, the clearance of the scraping rubber plate can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric bolt.
Structurally, the plates and cots are in contact with each other without any pressure.But if the gap is too large, the glue on the label plate is too much, it is easy to cause jilting glue;However, if the gap is too small, the label plate and the rubber roller stick too tightly, the glue will be squeezed out and there will be no glue on one side of the label plate.

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