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company news about How to debug medicine tablet press?Three simple tutorials are worth referring to

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China Hangzhou SED Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. certification
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Company News
How to debug medicine tablet press?Three simple tutorials are worth referring to
Latest company news about How to debug medicine tablet press?Three simple tutorials are worth referring to

Tablet press is a kind of granular or powder material in the die hole compressed into tablets by punch machine, especially suitable for small batch production, its characteristic is adjustable speed, the depth of the filling material, the slice thickness, machine equipped with mechanical and can avoid the runtime of dust, prevent caking congestion, and recycled raw materials to use.At present, with the advancement of a series of pharmaceutical reform policies, the pharmaceutical industry in China is developing continuously, and the demand and requirements for tablet pressing equipment are also constantly increasing. Therefore, tablet pressing equipment enterprises are facing good opportunities.
Learned, currently on the market in addition to the traditional single tablet press machine, rotary tablet press for pressing effect is good, tablet high density uniformity, can quality problems such as lack of Angle, loose lobes automatically identify and eliminate, reduce lobes phenomenon, and the machine, small vibration, low noise, less energy consumption and high efficiency and accurate, tablet weight's market, are widely used in medicine, health products, food and other industry.
The industry points out that in order to meet the storage, storage and disintegration time requirements, there is also a certain amount of pressure at the time of tablet pressing, which can affect the actual thickness and appearance of the tablet.Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the pressure during pressing.Users in the use of tablet machine, generally need to debug the equipment, the specific tutorial has three.
Adjustment of output
This method is to first turn the hand wheel to make the bottom blunt to the position, observe whether the bottom punch surface and the middle die plane phase (or high or low will affect the chip) if not, then loosen the butterfly screw, loosen the gear press plate to transfer up adjustment gear, so that the bottom punch surface and the middle die plane phase, and then still press the plate, tighten the butterfly screw.
After the completion, the user can use the hand wheel, the empty car running more than ten turns, if the machine is running normally, can add material pressure test, the next step adjustment.
Adjustment of filling depth
According to the industry, the adjustment of filling depth is the adjustment of tablet weight, the method is: first loosen the butterfly screw, loosen the gear press plate.Turn the down adjusting gear to the left to make the down plunger rod rise, then the filling depth is reduced (tablet weight is reduced).After adjustment, press the tooth press plate and tighten the butterfly screw.
Pressure adjustment
The adjustment of pressure is the adjustment of tablet hardness, first loosen the connecting rod lock nut, rotate the upstroke core rod, turn left to make the upstroke core rod move down, then the pressure increases, the pressed tablet hardness increases;Conversely, turn to the right will reduce the pressure, pill hardness is reduced, after the adjustment with a wrench on the bottom of the six square bar, and then the connecting rod lock nut lock.
When the adjustment of the die is basically completed, then start the motor to test more than 10 pieces, check the weight of the pieces, hardness and surface finish quality such as qualified, can be put into production.In the production process, still must check the quality of tablets at any time, timely adjustment.
In addition, in order to make the medicine tablet press better stable operation, users also need to pay attention to the equipment maintenance and maintenance.For example, pay attention to the lubrication of the friction surface of all moving parts. Before use, all oil cups, oil holes and friction surface must be added with lubricating oil.Regularly check whether the screws are loose, in the process of work should often pay attention to check, if there is loose immediately tighten, so as to avoid failure.

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