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company news about How to deal with the photoelectric counting machine affected by dust

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Company News
How to deal with the photoelectric counting machine affected by dust
Latest company news about How to deal with the photoelectric counting machine affected by dust

Granulators are widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and are one of the key equipment in the production line of granular drug cans. At present, there are mainly photoelectric particle counters on the domestic market, which use the photoelectric effect after vibration blanking operation. Active counting packaging equipment.


Although not bound by numbering templates, it can handle a variety of shapes and different standards. Users who have used the photoelectric counting machine will be affected by the dust and the speed of the photoelectric counting machine. I should be well aware that when the counting machine counts dusty items such as tablets and pills, the problem of inaccurate counting will occur over a long period of time.


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The SED Counting Counting Machine is the first in the world. It adopts the principles of high-speed imaging, whole stack counting, and logical distribution, which just solves the appeal problem. It is characterized by high speed, accurate counting, simple structure and detectable fragmentation. Let's talk about why visual counting is better than photoelectric counting.
The visual counting machine breaks through the traditional method.


The material flow is transported from material pallets in stacks in a single-layer flat condition, regardless of one-way streets. As the stake falls, it is counted across the imaging area. The first generation of visual particle counting method uses the compensation method.


After the whole stack is counted, the compensation device controls the number of single pieces to make up the difference to reach the target number. But the difficulty lies in the need to control the initial number of piles close to the target number, and when making up the difference, it is also necessary to control the different items separately, which is actually an extension of the traditional multi-row. The -channel approach also suffers from some original issues.


The latest generation of visual counting methods does not need to make up for differences in counted items. The item pile passes through a logical distributor, and the computer monitors the distribution status of the item pile when entering the distributor, and distributes the target quantity through a logical calculation method. Visual Skills Logical Scattering Counting Skills have the following benefits:


Visual counting method, remote imaging, not affected by dust

High resolution, accustomed to objects of different scales, no detection blind spots Distinguishes chips and broken particles, and removes small piles of material together to avoid wasting production capacity Items do not need to be separated or


separated, single-layer tray feeding, channel integration, greatly improving the feeding density and production capacity No high-speed gate is required, avoiding the risk of gate fragmentation, and no requirement for the cleanliness of compressed air Small volume and optimal capacity/coverage ratio, which is convenient for production line layout


The traditional electronic particle counting machine adopts a multi-channel transportation method, arranges the items in each channel into a single row and a single row, and triggers the corresponding photoelectric sensor to count when it falls.


When the cumulative quantity of each channel reaches the target value, the independent gates under the sensor are closed in turn, so that the cargo flow is stacked according to the target quantity. However, the problem that this counting method has always troubled is:


The photoelectric sensor needs to work close to the material, and its sensitivity is easily affected by the dust generated by the material


A sensor array is required to cover the width of the channel. There is a certain distance between the sensors, and small items have a certain probability of detecting blind spots.


Array sensors have limited resolution to effectively identify debris and debris

The multi-stage vibrating plate is used to disperse the materials into multiple rows and separate them to occupy a large plane space


The access gate requires extremely high response speed, and the cleanliness of the compressed air is very high. A slight delay in door response can damage objects or cause inaccurate stacking


Each channel of the digital puller can only allow one item to pass through. If the aisle is too small, it is not suitable for larger items. If the channel is too large, the volume of the device will increase proportionally, the chance of detecting blind spots will increase, and the versatility of the device will be constrained.


Application of Counting Machine

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