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How to choose a tablet press

July 8, 2022

Tablets are a very common and important dosage form in the pharmaceutical field. The machine that produces tablets is a tablet press. Here we summarize 4 recommendations for choosing a tablet press.

Buyers make four major mistakes when purchasing a tablet press. We want to debunk these misconceptions and help flatbed press buyers choose a more suitable flatbed press.


Myth 1: Products made of the same material, whether it is a laboratory tablet press or a production tablet press, can have the same performance.

This seems to be true, but we can list many reasons to refute it. One thing that has to be acknowledged is that R&D is so different from actual production. And some small changes to the tablet press can lead to potential problems. Most likely, R&D tablet presses will always run at a much lower speed than production tablet presses. However, tableting speed not only affects tablet hardness, but also causes changes in the tableting process.


In this case, some operators tend to increase the pressure, which eventually leads to mold damage or altered tablet disintegration.

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Dies of different sizes and tablets of different shapes are also causes of problems in the compression process. For example, there are two similar tablet presses, the difference is that one is equipped with a B-type die and the other is equipped with a D-type die. Will their production result be the same? of course not!


The different compression characteristics of these dies may be the key reason for the difference. In addition, the structure of the tableting machine, the tableting speed, the tableting ratio, the tablet shape, and the tableting time are all factors that cause the difference between the R&D tableting machine and the production tableting machine. Buyers who recognize these differences can better overcome the problems they present when purchasing a machine.


Myth #2: People only consider technical factors when buying a tablet press.

People don't buy high-ticket items based solely on technical specifications. Likewise, tablet press buyers shouldn't just consider specs. Tablet installation is not the end of the purchase. However, the professional support of the machine supplier is still required during the operation of the machine.


Pharmaceutical plants always evaluate suppliers and inspect new machines. With good suppliers, machine inspection times are shorter and factories can start production earlier. Also, a good supplier can provide the buyer with the necessary parts in a timely manner. All in all, a good reputation and word of mouth, high-quality technical support, and prompt problem resolution can all be reasons for buyers to buy a tablet press from a certain supplier.