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How to choose a high-speed cartoning machine that suits you

June 16, 2022

1. Design of the machine
The design and structure of the machine is robust and durable, which can better resist external force and vibration, and adapt to the harsh production environment. Therefore, when purchasing, make sure that the cartoning machine supplier uses high-quality parts. Ask for the type of parts used, and the name of the manufacturer. Some suppliers provide a standard spare parts list if requested by the customer.


2. Flexibility
Packaging needs may change, both now and in the future. Then when choosing a cartoning machine, this point cannot be ignored. If you expect carton or product sizes to change in the future, make sure you buy a machine that can be retrofitted, or can handle different carton sizes. In addition, you need to find out whether the speed of the cartoner you want to buy can meet your current and future speed needs.


3. Credit and reliability
Buyers should also consider the supplier's reputation in the industry and whether his financial situation is stable. Make sure that after the machine is installed, the supplier can provide you with support and service for many years to come.


latest company news about How to choose a high-speed cartoning machine that suits you


4. Customization
Choose a supplier that can custom manufacture cartoners, making small changes to the design to meet your real needs.​​


5. The size of the machine
When choosing a supplier, look at whether he can provide a variety of models of cartoners, so that you can easily find the model that suits your packaging production line. If you buy front-end product handling equipment with a large footprint, then you can buy a cartoner with a smaller footprint. In short, look at a few more machines, compare them, and choose the cartoner that best fits your factory size.​​


6. Can be integrated with upstream and downstream equipment
The cartoner is generally located in the middle of the production line. Make sure that the cartoner you buy can connect and communicate with upstream and downstream equipment. Because a production line also includes various other machines, such as upstream bagging and wrapping machines. If you only buy one cartoner, make sure your supplier knows how to integrate the line.​​


7. Delivery time
Today's customers demand fast delivery and, more importantly, they demand that suppliers deliver machines within agreed deadlines. You can request the supplier's production plan to ensure the progress of all production steps, including design, procurement, assembly, testing, wiring and programming.


8. Technical service support
After the machine is installed in the factory, the supplier should also continue to provide technical support. By knowing how many service technicians a supplier has, you can know how fast his service feedback is. Choose a provider that can provide 24-hour service, and if you and the provider are in different areas, make sure you are within his service coverage area.


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latest company news about How to choose a high-speed cartoning machine that suits you