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company news about How to adjust the top and bottom weight of vibrating screen?

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Company News
How to adjust the top and bottom weight of vibrating screen?
Latest company news about How to adjust the top and bottom weight of vibrating screen?

With the quickening pace of modern life and the upgrading of consumption concept, the taking form of traditional Chinese medicine has also changed from taking slow torus decoction before to taking granule orally and swallowing granule.Since many Chinese medicines require the destruction of cell walls to fully release their effects for absorption by the body, TCM powder has also become a common form of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the process of making TCM powder, the powder with even particle size of TCM needs to go through such processes as drying, crushing and screening, etc. Modern machinery provides convenience for the production of TCM powder.The vibrating screen plays an important role in the screening of Chinese medicinal powder.According to the different application methods of TCM powder, the results of shaker selection are also different.

Rotary vibrating screen is a high precision fine powder screening equipment, its noise is low, high efficiency, for the fully closed structure, particle, fine powder can achieve satisfactory screening effect.It is widely used in medicine, food and other industries.

From the operating principle of the equipment, because the screen body under the vibration of the vibrator to produce compound vibration, forcing the material in the screen machine to form a track vortex, the vortex plays an important role in the material screening.

Due to the different screening needs of materials, the selection of vibration screen is also different, users in the process of use, the pursuit of high precision screening effect, so the requirements of vibration screen manufacturers have greater business opportunities.

Through the appropriate operation, can also make the screening effect more ideal.It is understood that the user can adjust the relative position of the top and bottom weight of the vibrating screen to improve the movement track of the material on the screen surface, extend or shorten the residence time of the material on the screen surface, in order to achieve the ideal screening effect.This paper introduces the adjustment method of the top and bottom heavy hammer of the vibrating screen for reference only.

One method is to adjust the attached weight block.From the structure point of view, in the rotary vibrating screen up and down the side of the heavy hammer is equipped with a weight block, its role is to increase the vibration of the screen machine, according to the number of layers, the proportion of materials, different vibration force.Therefore, increase or decrease the number of attached weight block, can make the screening machine to achieve the ideal screening effect.

Another method is to adjust the upper and lower hammer phase Angle.Since the Angle of the hammer on the vibrating screen cannot be adjusted, the user can open the adjusting hole of the bottom barrel, loosen the retaining bolt of the heavy hammer, and then adjust the phase Angle of the upper and lower heavy hammer to the opposite direction of the outlet according to the track of the screened material.

After the adjustment, put a small amount of material on the screen to make the screen machine run, and at the same time need to do the screen surface material movement track inspection, when the processing parameters have reached the ideal effect, you can stop, and tighten the fixing bolt, so as to complete the adjustment.

The industry emphasizes, need to pay attention to is, sometimes because of the weight of the material, humidity, stacked tilt Angle and other parameters of the impact, users will find that the adjustment of phase Angle may not be a successful adjustment, so need to have enough patience to adjust, in order to make the screen machine play due rate.

By adjusting the phase Angle of the upper and lower weights, the movement track and residence time of the materials on the screen can be changed, so that the screen machine can adapt to the separation state required by various materials, such as the distribution of materials, handling capacity, separation efficiency, screen rate and other changes, so as to achieve a good screening effect.

At present, with the rapid development of food, medicine and other industries, the demand for rotary vibrating screen is expanding, the requirements are also increasing.Rotary vibrating screen is developing towards high productivity, high precision and energy.

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