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How should the enamel reactor be cleaned and maintained?

February 27, 2020

Enamel reaction kettle commonly known as glass lining reaction kettle, is a more common use of equipment, with the advantages of fast heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to use.These advantages help it to replace stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics and other chemical equipment in pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, agriculture, wine making and chemical industry.
Enamel reactor equipment is composed of tank, tank lid, stirring, jacket and transmission device, etc., the main mixing forms are generally paddle type, anchor type, frame type, screw type and so on.
Generally, the enamel reactor operates at a higher temperature, as most chemical reactions require a certain temperature.
The author knows that the heating method of enamel reaction kettle usually includes water heating, steam heating, electric heating and other media heating.When the reaction kettle reaction temperature requirements are not high, water heating can be used, there are generally open type and closed two.
However, the water heating system is relatively simple, composed of circulating pump, water tank, pipeline and control valve regulator, and when the use of high pressure water, reaction kettle mechanical strength requirements are higher, reaction kettle surface welded coil, coil and vessel wall clearance, so that the thermal resistance increased, heat transfer effect decreased.
If the enamel reactor requires heating temperature below 200 degrees Celsius, steam below 1 atmosphere can be used for heating.When the heating temperature is within 100~180 ℃, saturated steam can be used.When the temperature is higher, high pressure superheated steam should be used.
The electric heating method is to wrap the resistance wire on the insulation layer of the whole body of the reactor or install it on the special insulator some distance away from the reactor.Therefore, a small space gap is formed between the resistance wire and the reactor body.
In terms of other medium heating methods, if the reaction medium technology requires the enamel reaction kettle to be operated under high temperature or to avoid the use of high-pressure heating system, other media can be used to replace water and steam.
For enamel cleaning and cleaning, manufacturers said, there are two main ways, one is the physical way to clean;The other is by chemical cleaning.Physical cleaning, also known as mechanical cleaning, refers to the use of high-pressure cleaning device, 150-200mpa of high-pressure water through the nozzle wash dirt.
"This method is very common in practical applications and is a universal method for enameling reactors, but the cleaning effect is not ideal according to the composition and time of dirt, which is a major disadvantage."Enamel reaction kettle manufacturer said.
Chemical cleaning means the use of chemical solvent cleaning reaction with dirt, it is reported that this method has obvious effect, the disadvantage is complex operation, the need to clear equipment dirt, then the sampling analysis, do experiments, and then through a certain amount of detergent, to see whether the reaction and equipment.
"If the dosage is well understood and the cleaning time is short, it still has a great cleaning effect.But if there is no scientific chemical cleaning, the enamel glass will also cause great damage."Experts say.
However, good equipment, maintenance is also very important.In addition to the standard operation, it is also necessary to conduct regular maintenance and maintenance of the enamel reactor.Some people suggested that the enamel reactor thermowells, intake pipes and other components should be maintained for 6 months, and replacement should be needed if damaged.There should be no damage to the glass lining stirrer and the glass lining surface of the reaction kettle. The maintenance period should be 6 months.
Mechanical seal recommended maintenance cycle for 3 months, to check the wear degree of the east ring, wear too much to replace.It is recommended to maintain the reducer for 24 months. Remove the oil in the reducer and add new oil to the oil mark of 1/2 to 2/3.In addition, the external maintenance cycle is recommended to be 12 months;The outer surface, clamps and connecting bolts of the glass lining reaction kettle are rusted and corroded, and no damage is required for external insulation and cooling.