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How should drying equipment enhance product competitiveness, and compete with imported products

June 8, 2020

In recent years, with the development of the world economy, the growth of the total population, the progress of science and technology and the enhancement of people's health awareness, the global pharmaceutical industry has maintained decades of rapid growth, and will continue to maintain such a growth trend in the future.Under the influence of the general environment, related pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises are also playing an increasingly important role in the development of the pharmaceutical industry.As an important drying equipment in drug production, its market prospect is very considerable.

At present, there are many types of medicinal drying equipment in China, and their respective characteristics and application conditions are different.Common spray drying equipment, air drying equipment, fluidized bed drying equipment, flash drying equipment, fluidized bed drying equipment.However, the selection of drying equipment or according to the characteristics of drugs, finished products to achieve the ideal state.

Nowadays, the society is developing rapidly and the product updating speed is constantly accelerating. However, compared with foreign products, most drying equipment in China still have problems such as low automation level and backward control means. How to solve such a bottleneck and improve the competitiveness of products?

In general, after China's accession to the WTO, more and more international drying equipment into the domestic market, these imported equipment compared with the domestic equipment, has a greater advantage in technology.However, in the context of increasingly fierce market competition, domestic drying equipment enterprises are not limited to passivity, they start to study hard, actively absorb good technology, and continuously improve the quality and market competitiveness of domestic drying equipment by strengthening independent innovation, so as to compete with imported equipment.

At present, the industry has emerged many innovative results.For example, compared with the conventional method, microwave vacuum dryer produced by an enterprise can meet the drying demand of traditional Chinese medicine extract due to its short treatment time, energy saving, long-term storage without mildew and less loss of effective ingredients.

In addition to the microwave vacuum dryer, the waste water scraper dryer is a new type of energy-saving equipment which is very popular in the industry in recent years.

A good product in addition to a variety of additional functions, the core point is always the quality of the product.At present, there are a lot of drying equipment enterprises on the basis of adhering to the quality, constantly strive for perfection, high quality to achieve perfection.

Take the freeze-drying machine produced by an enterprise as an example, because the equipment needs to work continuously for 24 hours, if there is an error in the middle of the link after the need for maintenance, the customer may lose tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of.Therefore, the enterprise has always been strict control of freeze-drying products, adhere to quality standards, selected parts are after the long-term test of strict screening, and the company insists on not easily replace any of the parts of the model, brand, so as to ensure the quality of products.

The author believes that to develop from a large country of drying equipment to a strong country of drying equipment, and actively enter the international market, China should not only ensure good product quality, but also need to constantly improve the basic technology and technology, with a rigorous scientific attitude to improve every part of the product.On this basis, to improve the degree of automation, testing technology, manufacturing process and material material appearance design and other aspects of research, to increase the added value of products, to further strengthen the competitiveness in the international market, and compete with foreign products.