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How Does Herb Extraction Machine Work?

March 30, 2022

The stages involve the following:

Liquid Solvent Injection
Here, you will introduce the solvent from the operating tank to the extraction tank. It then flows to the herb material via a safety hose and extracts the ingredients from the plant.


The time and pressure this process takes depend on the solvent you are using. The soaking duration is the time the solvent is in contact with the plant substance.


Extraction Chamber
The herb extract will collect at this part of the machine. Pressure in the system will automatically push the solution via a silkscreen.

It then moves to the separator then collects in the collection vessel.


Collection Vessel
Here, a water jacket will evenly apply heat to the solution and the solvent begins to evaporate. As it vaporizes, the pressure builds and forces it out of this system via a valve leaving behind the extract.


Expansion Filter
The evaporating solvent flows via safety pipes and settles at the bottom of the vessel. A recovery pump will withdraw the solvent from the sieve system through a connector. Also, you can apply heat to hasten this process.


Desiccant Filter
This part assists in cleaning the vapor from the expansion filter as it moves to the recovery pump.


Recovery Pump
Pulses will drain the solvent in here and the fumes settle. Then you will discharge it and channel it to the operating tank for recycling.