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How Does a Vacuum Belt Dryer Operate?

April 29, 2022

The operation of a vacuum belt dryer revolves around the vacuum environment in which you conduct the drying process.

The vacuum environment allows you to evaporate solvents at much lower temperatures due to a reduced boiling point.

You feed material for drying via an infeed pump into the VBD vacuum containment. Here, a distribution device evenly spreads out the material across the belt powered by a motor with a known speed.


latest company news about How Does a Vacuum Belt Dryer Operate?

Below the conveyor, you find the separate plates providing heating and cooling to the belt system. Heat transfer is via contact and is necessary for the evaporation and drying process.


Cooling of the material also occurs via contact transfer allowing you to discharge the material for packaging or further processing. The product nature determines your VBD’s conveyor speed and the set temperature conditions for evaporation and drying.


Along the VBD, you find sections for evaporation, drying, cooling and discharging distributed from the inlet to the outlet.

You scrape the material from the conveyer belt at its termination before directing it to a butterfly valve for discharge.


You can directly package the dry powder material you obtain in food substances such as cocoa powder. You can also subject the powder to further processing, such as tabletting in pharmaceutical production.


Many vacuum belt dryers employ automated controls via a human-machine interface control panel, making the process efficient. From this panel, you can adjust the dryer’s temperature depending on the product and the conveyer belt speed.


Application of Freeze Dryer Machine

Vacuum Freeze Dryers For freeze drying of samples in the laboratory, healthcare, food industry and pharmaceutical industry.


latest company news about How Does a Vacuum Belt Dryer Operate?