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company news about Hose pump life up to 7 years?The premise is to do these jobs well!

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Company News
Hose pump life up to 7 years?The premise is to do these jobs well!
Latest company news about Hose pump life up to 7 years?The premise is to do these jobs well!

The main advantage of the hose pump is its ability to transport highly corrosive media.Hose pump from the initial application in the industrial field, to now gradually applied to mining, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment and other fields, can be said to have its presence everywhere.And in the corrosive, viscous, abrasive medium treatment, hose pump is replacing the traditional pump.
For pharmaceutical enterprises, the service life of the hose pump is very important, because the life is too short, will inevitably bring pressure to the cost of the enterprise, and the frequent occurrence of downtime is also easy to affect the normal operation of the enterprise.So, in addition to the purchase of high-quality hose pump, how should the user extend its service life?Industry said, because there is no contact with the medium of moving parts, generally high quality hose pump life up to more than 7 years, but the premise is the correct scientific use and regular maintenance.Specifically, it mainly includes the following Suggestions.

A few considerations when using
First, the user in the use of the hose pump, the need to prevent the pressure plate is too tight, so as not to "tie up" the pump head.At the same time, pump head hose should be coated with lubricant, in order to extend its service life.
Second, when the pump head is running fast, do not press the "forward/backward" switch, if you have to press the switch, you must follow the steps.The specific operation is to slow down first, then press the switch, and then press to the original speed, that is, the voltmeter reading to the original value.
Third, the hose pump in use, the user should always pay attention to the integrity of the core parts of the hose.It is reported that generally in the case of medium speed operation, the hose integrity is better.If the hose is found to be aging, the user should replace the hose in time.It is worth mentioning that when the hose pump starts running, the hose may expand, which can be straightened by hand.
Fourth, attention should be paid to clean the pump head after use.Cleaning is very important, if the user does not use the equipment for a long time, should remove the hose to extend its service life.In addition, the hose life is limited, in the use of a period of time after the need for timely replacement, or it may cause leakage, damage equipment.
Fifth, when selecting and replacing hoses, users should choose hoses of different sizes according to different media and flow rate to meet the actual demand.

Maintenance work is indispensable
First, the hose pump is a positive displacement hose pump, its pump flow size is determined by the drive device output speed.Technical personnel pointed out that due to the structure and material of the pump, the speed is not easy to be too high, it is recommended that the high speed should not be greater than 50 RPM.
Second, when the process for continuous operation, the actual flow should be basically consistent with the rated flow of the pump, if the need for stable operation, and the flow requirements are changing, the choice of adjustable pump, and the flow should not exceed the rated flow of the pump.
Third, when the process is the same clearance operation and no quantitative requirements, the rated flow of the pump can be greater than the actual flow.If there are quantitative requirements, the rated flow of the pump should be basically in line with the actual flow.If the actual flow of the pump is greater than the required flow can be adjusted with bypass pipe.
Fourth, the side guide roller should be regularly oil gun from the injection nozzle oil, so that the side guide roller in a good state of lubrication.
Fifthly, it is recommended that the rotor bearing be injected with grease every six months.
Sixth, after the new reducer runs for a period of time, the oil in the oil tank will be removed, re-oil.
In general, the advantage of the hose pump is outstanding, in the use of its value, but also need to pay attention to the life of the equipment, in order to better keep the production run stable.

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