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Freeze dryers are widely used in the preparation of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine preparations

April 28, 2022

The current freeze-drying technology has many technical advantages. In many cases, people can achieve good work results and effects by using freeze-drying machines. The continuous development of vacuum freeze-drying technology has brought new development prospects to the biopharmaceutical industry.


More and more new drugs have been developed. However, most biopharmaceuticals are relatively harsh to the manufacturing environment. In order to ensure the activity of biological products in the manufacturing and storage process The application of freeze dryers has played an important role and is widely used in the biomedical industry.
In the current pharmaceutical production work, the application of freeze-drying technology is extremely extensive, especially in the domestic drug production, it has been deeply used.


The main application of freeze-drying technology in pharmaceuticals is to quickly freeze the solution in the drug, and then perform sublimation drying under vacuum conditions, while removing the problem of ice crystals generated by low temperature, and then removing the moisture in the drug through decomposition.


A dry drug is finally obtained. The preparation of medicines by freeze-drying technology can minimize the denaturation or loss of biological activity of medicines. At present, freeze dryers are widely used in both the preparation of western medicines and the market of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

When the low-temperature freeze-drying technology of the freeze dryer sublimates the solid moisture in the biochemical items, some pores will be formed on the surface of the dried remaining items, thereby retaining the chemical structure and cell activity of the related items.


Therefore, the freeze dryer solves the traditional technical problem of damage to the surface materials of biochemical products by traditional drying processes, and meets the higher requirements of manufacturers for the quality of finished products.

latest company news about Freeze dryers are widely used in the preparation of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine preparations
In addition, when using traditional pharmaceutical methods to process biological products, high temperature can easily lead to negative results of protein component deterioration, and seriously affect the quality of drugs, while freeze dryer is a pharmaceutical process carried out in a large environment with low temperature conditions.


The damage to pharmaceutical raw materials is almost zero, so this technology is more suitable for the manufacture and production of proteins contained in pharmaceutical ingredients.
In addition to the temperature advantage, the biggest advantage of the freeze dryer is "vacuum". The medicines produced in a vacuum environment have no pollution, no impurities, reduce the oxidation of the oxidizing components of chemicals, and have the advantages of convenient transportation of chemicals, The advantages of strong rehydration performance and ease of clinical application ensure the quality of pharmaceutical raw materials to a great extent.
Freeze-drying of medicines includes two parts: western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine freeze-drying has been developed to a certain extent in China, and many larger pharmaceutical factories have freeze-drying equipment.


In terms of injections, freeze-drying technology is widely used, which improves the quality and storage period of medicines, and brings benefits to both doctors and patients. There are not many varieties of freeze-dried drugs, the product price is high, and the drying process is not advanced.
In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, it is limited to the freeze-drying of a small amount of Chinese medicinal materials such as ginseng, velvet antler, yam, and cordyceps sinensis.


A large number of Chinese patent medicines have not yet adopted the freeze-drying process, which is far from foreign countries. A few years ago, Japan launched the "Western-made Chinese Medicine", which changed the brewing method of traditional Chinese medicine, solved the traditional Chinese medicine that cannot be made into injections or tablets, and solved the problem that traditional Chinese medicine cannot cure acute diseases.


Therefore, the freeze-drying process of traditional Chinese medicine in my country And product research has great potential to be tapped.
In the field of biotechnology products, freeze-drying technology is mainly used in the production of serum, plasma, vaccines, enzymes, antibiotics, hormones and other drugs; biochemical inspection drugs, immunology and bacteriology inspection drugs; blood, bacteria, arteries, bones , skin, cornea, nerve tissue and various organs for long-term preservation.


Application of freeze dryer machine


It is widely used in food, fruit, vegetable, fish, sea cucumber, shrimp, meat drying, chemical industry, biology and other industries. The product dried by freeze dryer has good taste, beautiful color and good shape.

latest company news about Freeze dryers are widely used in the preparation of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine preparations