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company news about Four kinds of mixing machines are common in pharmaceutical industry

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Company News
Four kinds of mixing machines are common in pharmaceutical industry
Latest company news about Four kinds of mixing machines are common in pharmaceutical industry



The combination machinery commonly used in pharmaceutical field can be divided into four categories: gas and liquid mixer, paste mixing machine, thermoplastic material mixer, powder and granular solid material mixing machine.



Low viscosity liquid mixer gas and low viscosity liquid mixing machine is characterized by simple structure, no rotating parts, small maintenance and maintenance, low energy consumption.This type of mixing machinery is divided into four categories: air stirring, pipe mixing, jet mixing and forced circulation mixing.


The pipeline, also calls the tubular static mixer, the additive in water supply and drainage and environmental protection engineering of all kinds of flocculant, coagulant aid, ozone, liquid chlorine and alkali neutralization, mixed gas water is very effective, is dealing with waters potions to realize the ideal equipment of instantaneous mixing, have fast mixing, simple structure, saving energy consumption, small size, etc, in the case of without external power, water flow through the pipe mixer produces shunt, cross hybrid and reverse swirl three function, make joining agents quickly and evenly spread across the water, achieve the goal of instantaneous mixing, mixing efficiency is as high as 90 ~ 95%,It can save about 20~30% of chemical dosage, which is of great significance to improve water treatment effect and save energy.


Mixing machines for powdery and granular solid materials are usually operated intermittently, including mixing and grinding machines, such as wheel rolling machines.When mixing powder/powder or granular materials, most of them choose horizontal mixer, which has high mixing efficiency, good mixing quality, short unloading time and less residual.


When mixing, all materials involved in the mixing are required to be evenly distributed.The degree of mixing can be divided into ideal mixing, random mixing and no mixing at all.The mixing degree of various materials in the mixing machine depends on the proportion, physical state and characteristics of the materials to be mixed, as well as the type of mixing machine used and the duration of mixing operation and other factors.


The liquid mixing machine mainly relies on the mechanical stirrer, air flow and the jet flow of the liquid to be mixed to stir the material to be mixed so as to achieve even mixing.Common liquid mixing machinery has mixing tank, jet mixer and so on.The mixing tank is simple in structure, mainly composed of cylinder body, agitator and cylinder head.The material is added from the top and the evenly mixed liquid flows out from the bottom.Intermittent and continuous mixing operations can be performed.Jet mixer is composed of contraction nozzle, throat and diffuser.Its working principle is: high pressure liquid from the compression section through the nozzle high speed shot to the diffuser, in the throat of vacuum, will be mixed solution inhalation, the two solutions in the throat of the mixture, then through the pump diffuser outlet from the tail tube.High pressure liquid and inhalation of the solution to be mixed produce a strong shear force in the mixing section, which causes the two liquids to be broken into small liquid groups and spread, achieving the mixing effect.


The mixing machine of different paste mainly divides the material to be mixed repeatedly and makes it subject to the strong shearing action produced by pressing, rolling, squeezing and so on.This mixture is very difficult to achieve ideal mixing, can only achieve random mixing.The mixing mechanism of powder solid and a small amount of liquid is the same as that of paste material.Different thermoplastic materials and the mixing of thermoplastic materials and a small amount of powdery solids need to rely on the strong shear effect, repeated kneading and kneading, to achieve random mixing.

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