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Food Freeze Dryer Helps Deep Processing of Agricultural Products

July 14, 2022

Food freeze dryer is the abbreviation of food vacuum freeze dryer. It is a drying equipment that uses the principle of sublimation to remove moisture in food through low temperature freezing and vacuum sublimation processes.

At present, my country's economy is developing rapidly, and people's requirements for food are constantly improving, which at the same time brings rapid growth to the demand market for agricultural products and food. With the support of national policies for rural revitalization, the deep processing of agricultural products has also become a "mainstream".


In the development of food freeze-drying machines for deep-processing of agricultural products in various places, the freeze-drying machine is used to solve the damage or loss of traditional processing nutrients. Or the problem of affecting food safety by adding various additives.


latest company news about Food Freeze Dryer Helps Deep Processing of Agricultural Products

As a big agricultural country, we have a vast territory and abundant resources of agricultural products. With the vigorous development of agriculture by local governments, especially the introduction of FD technology freeze-drying machine production lines to develop deep processing of agricultural products, the ability of deep processing of agricultural products in various places can be improved.

When freeze-drying agricultural products, the food freeze-drying machine first freezes the water-containing agricultural products into a solid through ultra-low temperature freezing, and then in a high vacuum state, the solid ice in the food does not need to be melted, but is directly sublimated into gas and discharged.


Go, get freeze-dried produce with very little water. Because agricultural products are always processed under low temperature and vacuum environment during the processing of food freeze-drying machine, after freeze-drying, the original nutrients and trace element activities of the food remain basically unchanged, and there will be no oxidation and enzymatic reactions, etc. , so the color, aroma, taste, etc.


can basically be preserved to a greater extent, with good rehydration, and can be stored at room temperature for a long time, which is convenient for storage and circulation.

With the fast pace of modern life, more and more young people tend to eat fast food, and freeze-dried food has also become an important option for this generation.


The FD freeze-dried food market continues to expand, attracting a large amount of capital to the freeze-dried food field, bringing better development opportunities for the deep processing of agricultural products.