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company news about Fine powder in the screening process, what should be done?

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Company News
Fine powder in the screening process, what should be done?
Latest company news about Fine powder in the screening process, what should be done?

In the pharmaceutical field, powder screening is an indispensable topic.The purpose of sieving is to divide the raw powder with different particle size into several grades with narrower size range according to particle size so as to create conditions for adjusting the batching to reach the appropriate particle size distribution.A standard mesh screen or vibrating screen is usually used for screening.
Three - dimensional rotary vibrating screen is a light - weight screening equipment.With low noise and high efficiency, it is fully enclosed structure, suitable for screening and filtration of granule, powder, mucus and other materials.In recent years, with the improvement of powder preparation technology and the expansion of fine powder market in China, cubic rotary vibrating screen is widely used in fine screening field and is favored by users.
It is understood that, because different fine powder has different screening requirements, so some fine powder in the use of three dimensional rotating sieve may appear under the material or the material is slow, then how to do?In this regard, a vibrating screen manufacturers put forward an effective solution, the original three dimensional rotary vibrating screen refit for ultrasonic vibrating screen, so that the function upgrade, to solve the problem of no material, help users better production.Specific refit steps are as follows, only for industry reference.
Bottom frame to replace
The bottom frame of rotary vibrating screen is generally used to collect the material under the screen, because the ultrasonic vibrating screen must be installed with the ultrasonic screening system, so it is generally necessary to replace the bottom frame.
But the technician also said, if it is a built-in ultrasonic vibrating screen, the need to replace the original bottom frame, thereby increasing the space under.But if it is the bottom frame of external type need not change, but its use effect is not as strong as the vibration force of the built-in type.
Rack to replace
It is understood that the commonly used frame structure of rotary vibrating screen has the structure of laosong type frame structure and the structure of the mother net.Technical personnel suggest, if the user wants to be suitable for the installation of ultrasonic system, it is necessary to carry on the transformation of the network frame, can choose adhesive type network frame.And the ultrasonic vibrating screen mesh frame screen tensioning degree is higher, need to use special glue and professional stretching network tools for installation.
The ultrasonic frame can be divided into two types: the built - in ultrasonic frame and the built - in ultrasonic frame.The user can choose to set the position of ultrasonic transducer on the net frame, and open the outlet hole in the corresponding position of the rotary vibration screen frame for the installation of the ultrasonic system.
The link ring between the screen and the screen
According to the technicians, due to the different height of the middle link beam ring, the middle beam ring needs to be changed into a small U beam ring.
After completing the above steps, the user also needs to pay attention to the amplitude adjustment of the ultrasonic vibrating screen, because the amplitude adjustment of the ultrasonic vibrating screen is related to the material screening output, precision, etc.It is understood that the amplitude adjustment from low to high can be divided into three levels.
Among them, low amplitude is mainly applied to the material with heavy weight, for the material with good mobility, it is not necessary to make the material jump very high.
Medium amplitude is mainly used for screening general materials, which can not only make the material not blocked net but also prevent the material to jump very high.
High amplitude is mainly applied to the material weight is light, viscosity is very large, there is static electricity and other materials, so that the material is not adhesion, through the ultrasonic high amplitude of the material to break up, so that more conducive to the screening of materials.
Technical personnel said that the ultrasonic vibrating screen belongs to the upgrade of the rotary vibrating screen, can realize the combination of sound waves and vibration frequency, it is this low amplitude, high frequency ultrasonic vibration wave (mechanical wave), make the ultrasonic vibrating screen from the ordinary light screening equipment stand out, become the screening equipment of customers' favorite.

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