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Features of vacuum emulsifier

June 29, 2022

1. The vacuum emulsifier is a necessary equipment for the production of various ointments, ointments, cosmetics, food, EC and other products. The machine has simple structure, convenient operation, novel appearance and reliable performance.


It is a wise choice for mass production of pharmaceutical, biological, cosmetic, food, petroleum and other customers.

2. The vacuum emulsifier has a unique visual device, there is a cleaning scraper under the glass plate, and is equipped with closed lighting for the operator to observe the emulsification of the material at any time.


The heating of the emulsification pot adopts jacket electric heating, reasonable jacket cooling, and the outer layer is insulated to prevent employees from being injured and ensure full production.


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3. The frame-type wall scraping is used for stirring. Under the centrifugal action of the agitator during operation, the PTFE scraper is close to the wall of the pot, which solves the problem of pot sticking and does not leave dead corners. The ideal speed control device can make Its speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

4. The lid of the vacuum emulsifier can be automatically lifted and lowered, and the tilting discharge method can ensure that the material is completely discharged without leaving any residual material. Hydraulic lifting, manual feeding system (over 200L, electric feeding).

5. Vacuum defoaming makes the material meet aseptic requirements, and vacuum suction is used, especially for powder materials, vacuum suction is used to avoid dust flying. The whole process is completed in a vacuum state, without cell infection, and prolongs the shelf life of the product.

6. The pot body of the vacuum emulsifier is composed of three-layer stainless steel plates welded, and the tank body and pipes are mirror polished, which fully meets the requirements of GMP.

7. The heating of the material is realized by heating the heat-conducting medium in the interlayer by electric heating. It can also be designed to be heated by steam.


The heating temperature can be set, automatically controlled, and the operation is simple and convenient.