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company news about Features of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment

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Company News
Features of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment
Latest company news about Features of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment

Simply put, traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment is the use of extraction equipment to extract the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. The components of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment can be divided into extraction tank, condenser, cooler, separator, filter, and pneumatic control system of the slag door. It can be designed and manufactured according to the different needs of users. The traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment is widely used in normal pressure, pressure, decompression, extraction, warm immersion, heat reflux, forced circulation, and infiltration in the traditional Chinese medicine, plant, food, biological, and light chemical industries. Separation of oil and aromatic oils and recovery of organic solvents.


Features of Traditional Chinese Medicine Extraction Equipment

1. The unit is composed of extraction tank, tubular heater, evaporator, condenser, oil separator, oil skimmer, chemical liquid pump, metering tank, liquid storage tank, filter, vacuum pump, power distribution cabinet, etc. The extraction tank and the steam outlet on the top of the evaporator are equipped with demisters. Units without steam heating can be equipped with a heat transfer oil heating system.
2. It can carry out heat reflux circulation extraction, concentration, conventional extraction, concentration, water precipitation (alcohol precipitation), percolation and other operations.
3. It can work under negative pressure, normal pressure and positive pressure. It can be adapted to water extraction, alcohol extraction or solvent extraction, and meets the requirements of pharmaceutical GMP and food HACCP. The low temperature of water extraction can reach 40℃, which is suitable for extraction and concentration of low-temperature fresh products.
4. The unit has great advantages in terms of multi-function, high efficiency, energy saving, and wide operation range. In terms of comprehensive performance, it is leading domestically. It is a pilot plant for the extraction of natural botanicals. It is especially suitable for use in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, factory pilot rooms, or extraction and concentration of valuable drugs, or low-temperature extraction and concentration of plant fresh products. It can also be used in the extraction and concentration of animals and marine organisms. Such as bone soup, kelp juice, chili oil, mushroom juice, powder, etc. It can also extract aromatic substances. Such as fresh osmanthus oil. The unit has been successfully used in factories and universities.
5. The equipment has successfully entered the foreign market due to its multiple functions, good performance, compact structure and excellent processing. It is especially suitable for the extraction and concentration of valuable drugs for use in factory pilot rooms, scientific research institutions, universities and colleges.
6. Peripherals only need water and electricity, occupy a small area, effectively shorten the experiment time, control by the central controller, easy to operate, and have a high degree of automation.
7. The unit equipment is excellent in material selection, adopts dynamic extraction and concentration, with high efficiency, and electric heating; the tank is equipped with a CIP cleaning system.
8. It can realize the control and display of the extraction and concentration temperature, the arc design, the material has no dead corners of heating and cleaning, and the discharge is complete.
9. Three-layer thermal insulation, open structure; internal and external welds are polished 300 mesh, SUS304 material.
10. The conventional extraction and ultrasonic extraction are optional for the extraction part: the unique physical effect of ultrasonic and cavitation can promote the breakage or deformation of plant cell tissues, and the vibration, acceleration shock, and sound pressure shear equivalent stress between the solute particles are strengthened , Make the material form the extreme high temperature and high pressure at the local point. At the same time, the extraction and concentration unit adopts the energy-concentrating ultrasonic generator, frame-type stirring, so that the large-volume Chinese medicinal materials can fully contact the ultrasonic probe, and accelerate the uniform precipitation of the effective ingredients in the raw material. The extraction rate is significantly higher than that of the traditional process. Ultrasonic extraction is extraction at room temperature, which effectively reduces the loss of heat-sensitive components.
11. The world’s advanced nano-membrane technology materials, strong selective separation and thorough separation of impurities
12. Greatly reduce solvent consumption, lower explosion-proof grade, and improve production safety
13. Concentrated at room temperature, does not destroy heat-sensitive components, can desalinate and reduce ash, while saving energy and reducing consumption
14. The material liquid is operated in a unique cross-flow mode without adding filter aids, which can solve the problem of pollution and blockage.
15. Pure physical process, no chemical reaction, and no change in the effective ingredients
16. The product quality is greatly improved, which can reduce the dosage and reduce adverse reactions
17. Simplify the process, shorten the cycle, and improve the production efficiency
18. Advanced modular design, easy replacement of membrane materials and simple operation
19. Automatic control, design online regeneration cleaning and sewage discharge, reduce labor intensity, and realize cleaner production
20. Applicable scope of equipment for refining and concentrating traditional Chinese medicine extracts: pre-concentration of traditional Chinese medicine extract, concentration of traditional Chinese medicine oral liquid, traditional Chinese medicine granules to improve clarity and solubility, refining of traditional Chinese medicine injection spare liquid, medicinal wine, health wine clarification

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