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Features and Innovation of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Series

March 23, 2022

The automatic capsule filling machine can evenly drop hard capsules, soft capsules and tablets on the stainless steel conveying roller through the feeder. The medicine is turned over on the conveying roller and moves forward with the conveying roller at the same time. After the inspection, the unqualified products are sucked out by the pneumatic principle, and the medicine and the labor do not reach the contact at all. The automatic capsule filling machine achieves the purpose of sorting the medicine without pollution and achieving the purpose of eliminating static electricity. Ideal equipment for visual inspection of tablets.
Its features:
1. Made of stainless steel to reduce operator contact with medicines
2. The medicine is turned over, and the transmission is stepless speed regulation, which is convenient for manual inspection;
3. With the function of eliminating static electricity, it can effectively prevent and reduce the static electricity of medicines.
4: The operation is simple and convenient, greatly reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

Features and Innovation of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Series

Compared with the existing filling machines, it has the following characteristics and innovations:
It adopts a fully enclosed design, and all parts in contact with the powder and capsule are made of 304 stainless steel, which solves the problems of dismantling and washing, the troublesome assembly of the mold and the difficulty of adjusting the accuracy of the assembly mold.
It adopts the cam lower design and is equipped with a pressure atomizing oil pump to fully maintain the lubrication in the cam groove, reduce wear and prolong the service life of parts.
The design of the oversized metering plate improves the uniformity of powder flow in the metering plate, and the filling and metering is full and accurate.
The enlarged cam indexing mechanism is selected to make the mold turntable and the whole machine operate in a balanced manner, which fully guarantees the stability of the mechanical transmission and the filling accuracy.
The capsule vacuum positioning mechanism is adopted, so that the probability of the capsule on is more than 99%.