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company news about Equipment composition of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

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China Hangzhou SED Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. certification
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Company News
Equipment composition of semi-automatic capsule filling machine
Latest company news about Equipment composition of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

Equipment composition of semi-automatic capsule filling machine
Product structure composition

1. Podcasting mechanism

The mechanism is to insert the hollow capsules from the hopper into the capsule feeding tube, and there is a reed switch under the feeding capsule. When the capsule feeding tube is driven by the sector gear and falls to the bottom, the switch is affected by the iron to release a row of capsules (1# , 2#, 3# with 7 pieces in a row, 0# with 6 pieces in a row), when the capsule-seeding tube rises up, the switch will immediately close the capsule-seeding tube.


The capsules that have fallen under the capsule comb are pushed forward to the U-turn position by the action of the push-up board, the capsule head is pushed down and turned at the same time (the body is down and the cap is up).


When the capsule head is pressed down and leaves the capsule comb, the capsule is sucked into the mold by the air flow in the mold hole. Because a small step in the mold hole prevents the capsule cap from staying in the upper mold, the capsule body continues to slide down to the lower mold under the action of vacuum. This mechanism completes the capsule discharge, U-turn, and separation work.


The mechanism is driven by a separate motor to drive the cam, rocker, and ratchet mechanism to operate. Each time the cam rotates, the ratchet advances one tooth (that is, using a die to advance a row of holes), and the cam drives the rocker to make the sector gear rotate for one cycle.


The mechanism is equipped with automatic counting control. When the mold is full of capsules, the mechanism will automatically stop, and it can also be manually stopped when it is necessary to stop in the middle. The speed of the machine is adjusted with the inverter knob and button on the console, and is equipped with an instrument to display the speed.

If some capsules are not completely separated, you can manually turn the mold for 2 to 3 turns to promote complete separation under vacuum adsorption.

This machine is delivered with a pair of molds at random, and the other parts can be ordered by the user according to the accessories catalogue.

Difference: 0# device has 6 holes in each row, capsule mold is 6×60=360 holes, thimble plate has 360 thimbles, and the corresponding capsule pressing head, capsule pushing plate, capsule comb, switch and head turning device are all 6 rows. 1#, 2#, 3# devices have 7 holes in each row, the capsule mold has 7×60=420 holes, the thimble plate is also 420 thimbles, and the corresponding accessories are also 7 rows.

Replacement: When using different types of capsules, the corresponding capsules should be replaced with 6 capsules for 0#, and 7 capsules for 1#, 2#, and 3#. If it is found that the capsule sent out from the slot of the turn-around slot is one more or one less capsule, it can be adjusted with a J-shaped wrench or a pointed mouth.


To adjust the position of the capsule pushing plate, first loosen its connecting screw, then move the capsule pushing plate, and adjust to the position where the edge of the capsule pressing head is just pressed against half of the total length of the capsule, then the connecting screw can be tightened.


2. Filling structure:
The function of this mechanism is to automatically put the medicinal materials into the empty capsules in the capsule mold in sequence, and the hopper is equipped with a stepless speed regulating motor (the instrument displays the speed), which drives the propeller to force the medicinal materials into the empty capsules.


The lower turntable drives the mold to rotate, and the lower turntable is also driven by the stepless speed regulating motor to make the mold run for a week under the feeding nozzle, controlled by photoelectric counting (counter set 30 times), when the filling (ON) is pressed to start, the hopper It is pushed to the mold by the cylinder, and the turntable motor and the hopper motor are automatically started after the hopper is in place.


When the mold rotates for one cycle, it will automatically stop, and the cylinder will automatically return to its original position.


If the forward and backward speed of the hopper is too fast or too slow, the two one-way throttle valves at the solenoid valve interface can be adjusted to make the speed suitable. In addition, if the motor starts to start before the hopper is in place, or it does not start after it is in place, you can adjust the time relay on the computer control board to start it within 1 second after it is in place.


The filling volume adjustment depends on the filling volume and the fluidity of the medicine. The speed of the hopper motor and the speed of the turntable motor can be adjusted. If it is difficult to fill the medicine, the set value of the counter can be adjusted to 60 or 90. 30.

3. Locking mechanism:
The mechanism is to lock the capsules filled with medicine (the upper and lower molds are together), and the top capsule cylinder is actuated through the foot valve. Then, it is used to push the capsule mold to reset the ejector pin to eject the capsules and flow into the collector. in the bag.

4. Air control system:
The pressure used by the semi-automatic capsule filling machine system is 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa, and the compressed air sent by the air pump (see the table below for the parameters of the supporting air compressor) is sent to the foot valve and solenoid valve after being processed by triple parts.

4.1. The first step of the triplet is air filtration; the second step is pressure regulation; the third step is to lubricate the air system with vaporized oil supply. The oil injection adjustment is generally 1 to 3 minutes to spray a drop of oil (ordinary engine oil).

4.2. The foot valve controls the action of the locking cylinder. When the foot is pressed down, the locking cylinder is pushed out to lock the capsule. When the foot is released, the cylinder piston retracts.

4.3. The solenoid valve is commanded by the electrical system, which controls the action of the filling hopper. The outlet of the solenoid valve is equipped with two one-way throttle valves, which are used to control the running speed of the cylinder.

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine adopts programming control system, touch panel operation, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic joint control, and electronic automatic counting device, which can automatically complete the capsule positioning, separation, filling, locking and other actions.


The filling dose is accurate and the operation is convenient. The body and work surface are made of stainless steel, and the products meet the national GMP requirements. It is suitable for capsule filling of powdered and granular medicines and health care products.


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