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company news about Drug polishing machine power capsule, tablet production enterprises more stable development

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I really don't know how to thank you, you are my angel, Thank you very much. Super Fine Pulverizing this one is faster than other same power machine and is easy to operate and repaired.

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Company News
Drug polishing machine power capsule, tablet production enterprises more stable development
Latest company news about Drug polishing machine power capsule, tablet production enterprises more stable development

In recent years, under the background of the favorable medical policy environment, China's pharmaceutical industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development.At the same time, the pharmaceutical equipment closely related to the pharmaceutical industry is also facing greater development space.Among them, the polishing machine is the use of brush polishing, can quickly remove the capsule, tablet surface adhesion powder, make it clean, so as to improve the surface smoothness of a device.At present, polishing machine in the capsule, tablet production enterprises is essential equipment.
Industry introduction, the working principle of the drug polishing machine is through the rotating motion of the brush, drive the capsule along the polishing bobbin wall as a circular spiral motion, make the capsule along the spiral spring forward, in the brush and polishing bobbin wall under constant friction, make the capsule shell appearance polishing, by the polishing capsule from the outlet into the waste bucket.
In the waste remover, due to the effect of negative pressure, the capsule under the action of air flow, the light unqualified capsule rises, enters the vacuum cleaner through the straw, the heavy qualified capsule continues to fall, through the active discharge hopper discharge, effectively achieve the purpose of polishing to waste.In the polishing process, brush off powder and small debris, through the small hole on the polishing cylinder wall into the sealed cylinder, is inhaled vacuum cleaner recycling.
Drug polishing machine has the characteristics of novel structure, beautiful shape, light weight, simple operation, flexible movement, easy to clean, high polishing efficiency, good cleanliness.At present, the quality of the drug polishing machine on the market is constantly improving, all the parts in contact with the drug are made of stainless steel, the sanitary conditions of the equipment in line with GMP standards.
How to purchase a polishing machine?
Select a good equipment to ensure the stable operation of production.The following factors should be considered when selecting a drug polishing machine.
First, check the beam quality of the polishing machine's output, including the mode and the stability of the mold.
Second, observe whether the output power of the polishing machine is large enough (this is the key to speed and effect), and whether the energy is stable (stability is usually required to be 2%, and in some cases 1%, so that the desired effect can be processed).
Third, the polishing machine should have high reliability, so as to be able to work continuously in the harsh industrial processing environment.
Fourth, the polishing machine itself should have good maintenance, fault diagnosis and linkage function, downtime to be short.
Fifth, the operation is simple and convenient, the control key function is clear, can reject the illegal operation, protect the equipment from damage.
Maintenance skills
After the purchase of appropriate equipment, polishing machine needs to carry out scientific maintenance and maintenance, so as to extend the service life of the equipment.To this, the industry shares the polishing machine maintenance skills.
First, the components that need long-term maintenance include the oil in the gearbox of the reducer, which is generally added once every 1-2 years.
Second, the machine material box should be regularly cleaned operation, at least to ensure that once a week, so as not to clog the phenomenon.
Third, the skateboard and the knife and the front knife cleaning maintenance lubrication do a regular, general maintenance cycle in about a month.
Its 4, when undertake oiling every time, need to hold quantity, when adding unfavorable and excessive, lest produce machine fault because of switch dip oil.
Fifth, in daily use, should pay attention to keep the machine in dry, do not let the machine contact with water, not to use water for direct washing.
Its six, the lubricating oil is a polishing machine maintenance work is more important, generally in about 3 months after the need to add all the bearings again lubricating oil.

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