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Do you know the Product Features Of The Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

March 25, 2022

The automatic capsule filling machine is a device for filling powder, granules or small pieces into hollow capsules.


Automatically complete the work of sowing, dividing, filling, locking (removing waste), and outputting finished products. The product is easy to operate, high in efficiency, and the production process is in full compliance with GMP standards.

Features of automatic capsule filling machine:
1. The internal design of the mold turntable is improved, and the original Japanese linear bearing is used to ensure the accuracy and service life of the equipment.

2. The cam lower design is adopted, which increases the pressure atomization oil pump, keeps the lubrication in the cam groove, reduces the wear and prolongs the service life of the parts.

3. The fully automatic capsule filling machine integrates a modular ultra-precision turntable, which is small in size, light in load, long in service life, and maintenance-free for many years.

4. Using computer control, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, digital display to achieve easy operation, eye-catching and intuitive.

5. The selection of the enlarged cam indexing box has become one of the few enterprises that use the RU100 and RU83 indexing boxes together. Although the cost is increased, the stability and service life of the machine are greatly improved.

6. Based on the lower plane of the metering plate, the three-dimensional adjustment mechanism has a uniform gap, which ensures the difference in loading and the measurement is accurately controlled within ±3.5%.

7. Added the design of capsule control switch (control outside the body, which is safer and more convenient).

8. The jog control system is added, which is convenient for humanized operation in production and cleaning.