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Difference between Rotary Tablet Press and Single Punch Pill Press

October 25, 2021

TDP series single punch pill press is a continuous tablet making machine that could press granular raw materials into tablets or pills in different shapes and with different letters, numbers, patterns on both/one side of tablet surface. Transformed and improved on the basis of single punching machine, the rotary tablet press was equipped with multiple or dozens stations of punch tooling, which could make tablets automatically and complete the process of powder filling, pressing, and ejecting continuously.
Rotary tablet press has made up the shortcomings of TDP single punch machine, and is featured by low noise, less energy consumption, high production capacity and easy operation. The rotary tablet machine can be used for small to medium batch of production in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, medical, food, electronic plastic and metallurgical industries.


After a comparison between single punch tablet machine and rotary punching machine, we found that the latter on has quite a few advantages as we listed below.

  • High output.

Tens or hundreds of thousands pieces of tablets can be made per hour on rotary tablet press, but hundreds pieces on single punch tablet press. Dozens of times more than TDP machines.

  • High efficiency

As an automatic machine, rotary pill press could continuously complete the process of powder filling, tablet pressing and rejecting. With simple and humanized operation, it saves much time and labor force.

  • High quality tablets/pills

Advanced techniques and exquisite mechanical components largely reduces the possibility of tablet defects, such as lamination, capping and chipping, picking and sticking, etc.

  • Uniform pressure

Every tablet made by rotary punching machine is pressed from both up and bottom side with uniform pressure that uniformizes and compacts the powders. Hence, the tablets are always tight, and the tablet weight variation is always subtle.

Furthermore, pre-pressing device is attached on every rotary tablet press which works before main-pressing. The cooperation of pre-pressing and main-pressing perfectly eliminates air entrapment that may cause tablet capping.


  • Smooth surface of tablet

The punch tooling used on rotary tablet machine should be in high quality or manufactured with special treatment. Tablet B tooling and D tooling, well polished, is processed with smooth tip surface making for smooth good quality tablets.

  • Hygienic operation

Rotary tablet press machine is fully-enclosed made of stainless steel, which meets the GMP requirement. Transparent widows are attached surround the working area so that working condition can be observed clearly. And the windows can be opened for cleaning and caring, leaving an sanitary environment for tablet pressing.