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Detailed operation steps of small capsule filling machine

June 28, 2022

The small capsule filling machine is a small capsule filling machine which is carefully designed and integrates the cap arranging machine, the body arranging machine and the locking machine. It has the functions of arranging and locking capsules, reducing the body and floor area. It has the advantages of beautiful and compact, hygienic requirements, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, economical and practical, etc. It only needs one to two people to operate, Personnel do not need special training.


latest company news about Detailed operation steps of small capsule filling machine


Small capsule filling machine operation steps:
1. Press the "power switch" button to turn on the power.

2. Slowly adjust the "vibration intensity adjustment knob" and rotate it clockwise. At this time, the capsule arrangement plate integrated with the "vibration bracket" starts to vibrate. You can touch the arrangement plate with your hand and adjust to a certain vibration intensity by feeling.

3. Put the caps and bodies of the hollow capsules into the corresponding capsule arrangement plates, about 300 capsules each time (the capsule hole in the arrangement plate has a larger horn-shaped guide port for the capsule body arrangement plate, and the other side is for the capsule arrangement plate. Capsule cap arrangement plate)

4. About 10-30 seconds, the capsule cap and body will enter the capsule hole, and the mouth will be upward. If the individual openings are facing downwards, the capsule cap can be gently pressed downwards, and then the capsules can be easily pulled out, and then put in after changing the positive direction.

5. Hold the capsule cap or body plate horizontally and put it into the lower part of the corresponding arrangement plate and push it gently, the hollow capsules in the arrangement plate will fall down into the capsule cap plate or body plate, and take out the capsule plate.

6. Pour the powder on the capsule body board, scrape it back and forth with a powder scraper, then fill it with powder and scrape off the excess powder.

7. Cover the cap of the capsule on which the capsules have been placed with the randomly assigned intermediate plate, turn the cap of the capsule so that the opening of the capsule is facing down, and put it on the body plate of the capsule that has been filled with the powder. Then, make the capsule cap and body-mouth anastomosis.

8. Put the sleeved capsule board under the "pressing plate", press the "pressing rod" down with your hand and place it in place to complete the pressing. Take out the sleeved capsule board and pour out the capsule.