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Detailed application characteristics of tablet press

July 22, 2022

High-speed tablet press is an indispensable equipment in tablet production. It is a device that puts granular or powdery materials in a die hole and presses them into tablets by punch. High-speed tablet press has low vibration, relatively low noise, The characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate tableting weight are widely used at home and abroad.


The quality of the high-speed tableting machine purchased is directly related to the effect of use, mainly from the following aspects:


1. Performance

The high-speed tablet press itself is a high-precision, high-standard testing equipment, which is different from other ordinary instruments and equipment, and has very high requirements. High test accuracy, stable operation, strong technical support and follow-up equipment upgrade services are all important factors to consider.



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2. Price

Modern enterprises are reducing costs, so price is a major factor for purchasers to consider, but in fact, as a tablet press, not only its price, but also the cost of its subsequent use, quality stability and other aspects are all It is a very important part of the overall cost composition.


In the fierce market competition, as an instrument manufacturer, it is also possible to adjust the price to the lowest possible level, but this difference in numbers reflects the difference in quality.


The choice of accessories will of course lead to inconsistencies in price. Of course, the different options determine the continuity and stability of the instrument's operation, which in turn determines the overall cost.


3. Information

As a tablet press manufacturer, we deeply realize that the market requires more and more quality control items. At this time, if the packaging testing instrument can be used for multiple purposes, it is the voice of the market. With caution, the versatility of some instruments is reasonable, and some are not.


Therefore, we should consider these three aspects when buying a tablet press, so that we can buy a tablet press that we like and of good quality.


The above is the industry sharing about high-speed tablet presses, I hope everyone can like it.